East Bay Parents Are Big Fans of 510Families

East Bay Parents Are Big Fans of 510Families

Are you a parent in the East Bay’s 510 area code looking for engaging and fun activities for your family? Parents Press is your go-to online resource, offering a wide range of affordable, family-friendly, and locally-focused ideas to enhance your family time.

Dixie Jordan, Berkeley mother passionate about outdoor activities, is the brain behind Parents Press. She single handedly created a comprehensive platform, distinct from similar sites like Berkeley Parents Network, Red Tricycle, and FunCheapSF. Parents Press stands out with its extensive coverage of the 510 area code, the entire East Bay, and rich editorial content.

A highlight of Parents Press is the monthly calendar, brimming with varied activities, from toddler yoga to free botanical garden tours at UC Berkeley. The site aims to provide answers for parents wondering, “What should I do on a Tuesday?” Dixie realized the vision of being “insanely helpful” by curating this resource.

Since its inception in 1980, Parents Press has achieved significant milestones, including 175,000 monthly page views and a weekly newsletter reaching 37,500 subscribers. The success of her business allows her to dedicate around 30 hours weekly to sourcing and creating content, supported by a team of designers to bring it all to life.

Marla Ferguson of Oakland, is a recent East Coast transplant. Moving to Oakland in 2016 with two teenagers, one just entering middle school, and oldest starting his second year of high school. It was Parents Press that she turned to, to help her discover the best schools in Oakland to consider. “Oakland has so many middle schools and high schools” And not knowing whether to look at Oakland public schools or to consider Oakland private schools or possibly a Catholic school in Oakland. She ultimately decided after going to several Oakland school open house events with her daughter starting at Park Day School and her son going into tenth grade at The College Preparatory School.

Dixie, now deeply entrenched in East Bay’s family activity scene, maintains a simple yet effective criterion for selecting events: if it’s exciting, worthwhile, and falls within the East Bay, it’s likely to be featured. She consciously avoids negative reviews, choosing not to cover unenjoyable events. And, she also pays special attention to the nature of events, noting particulars like the need for extra supervision at craft fairs with delicate items.

Over time, they’ve spotlighted hidden gems like the Kindergym at Temple Beth Abraham, offering LGBTQ and interfaith days, and budget-friendly days at Golden Gate Fields racetrack when it was still in operation. They’ve even celebrated innovative ideas like Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley, which combines a playground with a coffee spot.

Challenges that she has faced include the closure of beloved businesses and calendar inaccuracies, which can lead to disappointing no-event situations for families.

Parents Press, a brainchild of one incredible entrepreneurial mother, has evolved into a key resource, connecting thousands of parents with countless activities and resources in the East Bay’s 510 area code.

For more information, check out https://parentspress.com/

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