The kilduff File

The kilduff File


The Anti-Dr. Laura |  Nurse Rona Renner offers sane and sage advice for parents.

Hamboning It Up |  Berkeley’s Unique Derique clowns with high-tech hambone.

Relishing the Competition |  Ryan Nerz defends America’s tradition of professional gorging.

Pump Pundit |  U.C. energy expert Severin Borenstein says bring on the gas tax.

A Kung Pao Kosher Christmas |  Lisa Geduldig hosts the 15th annual comedy fest in S.F.

East Bay Eccentrics |   Richard Schwartz unearths Berkeley’s colorful characters.

Gyrate This |   Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair spins life as a hula hoop stuntman.

Not Whistling Dixie | Pro whistler Jason Victor Serinus says it’s all about the breath.

One Big Vinny, with Everything |   Rich “Big Vinny” Lieberman talks pizza, profits and politics.

Wendy Full Circle |   Wendy Tokuda talks about life on and off the small screen.

Global Simmering |  Why Steven Hayward isn’t worried about the polar bears.

Asshole Expert |  How Stanford’s Bob Sutton is deconstructing office politics.

Smackdown with the Doc |  Dr. Mike tells the truth behind the fakery that is pro-wrestling.

Led Balloon |  Little Roger talks about the ’70s joke that ate the band.

Valentine’s Bitch |  Feminist critic Andi Zeisler ain’t feeling the love.

Ms. Unspeakable |  Mary Roach sees dead people.  And much more.

Blind-Sided | Michael Lewis tackles football, race and Berkeley’s facial hair.

King Dork | “Dr.” Frank Portman: From ’80s punk rock to young adult lit.

Local boy makes it big with Rat and Pig | Stephan Pastis’ Pearls of Wisdom.

Mass for the Masses | Matthew Fox raves about modern spirituality.

A Not So Quirky Theory | Joe Quirk’s evolutionary biology leads to sex and a soul mate.

Belly Up to the Bar | John Caine brought the cosmo to Frisco.

How Not to Die in Oakland | Newspaperman Al Martinez takes Oakland sensibilities to L.A.

All in the Family | Second-generation kid’s author and illustrator Thacher Hurd

A Woman on Top | The peak experiences of mountaineer Arlene Blum

Straight From the Hipp | Travus T. Hipp: The Poor Man’s Paul Harvey

TV Gets Dirty | Mike Rowe’s cable hit highlights the reality of grunge work

Boredom Pays | Spokesgirl for the “whatever” generation hits the big screen

How PC Can You Be? | Camille Paglia takes a jab at the birthplace of free speech

Mix Master | Fu-Tung Cheng sets his ideas in concrete

Ohmega Man | Steve Drobinsky wants your trash

Paper or Plastic? | You’ve Got Eco-Questions, Mr. Green’s Got Answers

Son of Brown | Berkeley author Ethan Rarick dished the dirt on California’s Brown family political dynasty

Super Fan | Stacey Samuels is propelled by his love of the sport

The Internal Dialogue | Kilduff gets up close and personal with himself

The Ultra Marathon Man | Dean Karnazes takes his pizza to go

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