How We Age

How We Age

East Bay residents over 55 reinvent living arrangements, overcome multiple hip replacements, and embrace the perks of becoming older citizens.

AGING East Bay residents face tough life decisions, from where and how to live out their golden years to surmounting the inevitable health issues that present as their elderly bodies lose vigor through normal aging. Today’s baby boomers and senior citizens, however, have more options than previous generations. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities seem eons off for those who lead active, fulfilled lives as grandparents and retirees.

These articles contemplate senior lifestyle choices, health topics, and the notion of hard-earned rewards. First, explore how the resident condo owners at Phoenix Commons like living at the East Bay’s first cohousing experiment for people over 55 as the Jingletown development completes year two. Then follow an active hills dweller in his mid-60s through not one but two total hip replacements. And discover some interesting perks and bargains for those folks now entering the second half of their lives.

Design for Living Over 55
Phoenix Commons represents a new way to age in place, but this cohousing development seeks elders fired up for change. By Susan Kuchinskas

My Two Total Hip Replacements
As scary as that sounds, these surgeries couldn’t have gone any smoother. By Derk Richardson

Life With a Discount
Senior citizens can look forward to price breaks and perks as they age. By Lisa Fernandez

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