Straight to the Heart

Straight to the Heart

FLASH FICTION—a complete short story telegraphed in a very few words—doesn’t pussyfoot around. It throws just one punch. Then it gets the hell out of there. It’s edgy. It’s trendy. And it’s fun to write. So this fall, in a daring break from our traditional themed essay contests, we invited local writers to submit flash fiction pieces of no more than 500 words, with the caveat that each story include the word “crow,” “elbow,” or “silver.” Following, the delightfully minimalist cream of an (ironically) abundant crop.

Halfway There | By Susan Lyn McCombs

Bloom | By Robert Menzimer

Tati’s Necklace | By Alisa Golden

Hardy’s Mother | By Toni Martin

Departures | By Stacy Appel

The Silver Age | By Richard Schwarzenberger

In the Mountains | By Deborah Steinberg

Cousins | By Flossie Lewis

Nightclub | By Melinda Clemmons

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