Egypt in Washington

Egypt in Washington

Cover | Duane M. Conliffe

Egypt in Washington 1 (cover) and Water Lily (page 13); both digitally manipulated photographs. Egypt in Washington I was inspired by the Egyptian designs and symbols prominently featured in public spaces and architecture in Washington, D.C., the hometown of artist Duane M. Conliffe. The work was digitally photographed, composited, and printed onto an iridescent pearl coat applied to a sheet of copper. Water Lily (printed on watercolor paper) was shot in D.C.’s Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens on the hottest, most humid day of July 2005, a singular flower that made the sweltering shoot worthwhile. Conliffe says he aims to create photography that reverberates his “artful soul” and that his creative process is fueled not only by passion and excellence, but a yen for big fun. Some of his favorite subjects are nature’s beauty, the human body, and fast cars. For more information and to purchase artwork, visit

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