In Good Health

Clear Reflections

Although we associate acne with adolescents, the condition also afflicts the skin—and the self-esteem—of adults, including those in the throes of middle age. Our health columnist surveys a range of local treatment options, from conventional to naturopathic, and passes on tips for nipping those nasty red bumps in the bud.

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Burden of Billions

Two’s company, but 6.8 billion’s a crowd. Enough already, say two renowned U.C. Berkeley researchers who are reviving a controversial crusade to stem population growth. The movement is more important now than ever, say Drs. Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell, for the future health of our planet. But it’s key, they believe, that women are given the option (not the mandate) to choose smaller families.

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Beyond the Spin

Healing Words These days, everybody’s out of the cancer closet! While celebrities host glitzy fundraisers, average folks tick off the names of their friends—one in every six or eight over the age of 40—who have received a...

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Faces of the East Bay