Bay Area Boomer

Wielding the Baton

spotlights Michael Morgan, who has attracted new audiences in his 22 years at the helm of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, part of his long-term vision to make orchestral music accessible, relevant, and never stodgy. From inspiring Oakland students to pursue musical careers, to presenting music from India, the Phillipines, and Armenia, Morgan has returned classical music to the people.

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Skin in the Game

’s “Skin in the Game” looks closely at skin care, which has been important since ancient times (the Egyptians used sea salt scrubs, and the Mayans avocados). As we age, skin—our largest organ—grows drier and thinner. But all is not lost—there’s a lot we can do to keep our epidermis healthy and vital, from choosing good sun protection and natural products, to laser treatments and even Botox.

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On the Road Again

“On the Road Again” takes a look at Road Scholar, the recently renamed nonprofit (founded as Elderhostel in 1975) that offers trips in 50 states and 150 countries for single travelers, grandparents and grandkids, couples, and families.

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Faces of the East Bay