Timothy Buckwalter

The Curator and The Cantor

Curator Lawrence Rinder digs into the archive of his grandfather, a celebrated cantor at San Francisco’s Temple Emanu-El, to find a score written for the 10th anniversary of the United Nations. Rinder brings the piece to life in an interfaith, multi-cultural exhibition at the Judah L. Magnes museum.

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Behind the Scenes

Like a sunny spring breeze, the artists of this month’s East Bay Open Studios offer fresh approaches, original ideas, and authentic inspiration. See how some of the East Bay’s most original artists work and catch a glimpse of creativity in action.

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Outsiders In

Many artists work alone, preferring their own company while grappling with the muse. But for the artists at Oakland’s Creative Growth Center, the energy of the studio and the support of Center staff are life saving. These artists are mentally and/or physically disabled and the Creative Growth Center offers them community and opportunity.

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Faces of the East Bay