Regan McMahon

Taking Flight

Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon signed Title IX—37 words prohibiting gender discrimination in schools—into law. The resulting explosion in women athletes (since then, 1,000 percent more girls participate in high school sports) has reverberated across generations. Three local women athletes—ages 63, 47, and 30—explain how the landmark legislation affected their lives, and what’s still just a dream for female athletes.

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Volunteer Armies

Volunteers have long been plugging the holes in public schools. Now, average citizens are rolling up their sleeves to do even more. With programs like Adopt-a-Spot, Maintain-a-Drain, and the Oakland Rose Garden’s Dedicated Deadheaders, cities like Oakland, Albany, Berkeley, and Richmond are turning to residents to weed medians, clean storm drains, maintain parks, and more.

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State of the Union

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked three senior East Bay couples to share their decades-long love stories. Though their lives differ in many ways, all three pairs seem to have found marital bliss through good luck, hard work—and a superhuman lack of whining.

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Faces of the East Bay