Elizabeth Kennedy

Baby Booty

Outfitting a young human is one of life’s great pleasures. Miniscule outfits, downy blankets, cuddly stuffies—what’s not to love? Our writer, a recent new mom, guides parents-to-be through the bumper crop of baby-gear stores in the East Bay, as well as sources for save-the-day services like lactation consultants, yoga classes, and more.

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Boot Camp Has Its Rewards

At 5:30 a.m. when most sensible folk are asleep, participants in East Bay athletic boot camps are already doing push-ups, sprints and squats in an effort to shape up in a short four to six weeks. But read the fine print before signing up because some of these camps will even bar you from uttering the word doughnut.

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Powered by the People

Barack Obama used social networking via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and his own MyBarackObama.com to help inspire massive turnout in the primaries. Here in the East Bay this groundbreaking online organizing meets a rich history of on-the-ground, old-fashioned campaigning. Supporters hope this combo will be the ticket to victory in November.

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A food issue dedicated to the happenings of local food lovers. Elizabeth Kennedy tells us how underground speakeasies and supper clubs are the rage around the Bay; Andrew Gilbert profiles Philip Gelb, vegan chef and master of the shakuhachi; and Katherine Dittmann catches up with chef Paul Bertolli who’s turned his culinary passions toward making salumi.
Read the second and third parts of this feature in the print version of The Monthly.

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Faces of the East Bay