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COVER | Olaf Schneider

In My Thoughts (oil on canvas) Olaf Schneider (b.1964) is a husband, father of two, and grandfather of six. He studied at the Ontario College of Art as well as Sheridan College. In 1986, while painting large-scale outdoor advertising billboards for Mediacom Outdoor Advertising, he acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today. Schneider is greatly inspired by mentor Ron Grieg and Norman Rockwell. For Schneider, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Schneider is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape and anything that needs a "second look." An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration. Jessel Miller of the Jessel Gallery (Jessel Miller was born in Canada about 500 miles north of where Schneider lives today) knew the minute they connected that this painter was a star. "Olaf is not only a fantastic painter, he shines as a loving and kind human being." Jessel Gallery, 1019 Atlas Peak Rd., Napa,,, 707-257-2350.

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November 2019 Issue:

NATURE | Butterflies Wing It
East Bay backyards become pollinator safe havens. By Lou Fancher

EDUCATION | Crafting Reaches a New Level
Etui is a space for creating the curious and wonderful. By Julie Anderson

PARENTING | It's Important to Get the Right Amount of Shut-eye
Want a better night's sleep? Put down the phone. By Lisa Fernandez

|  Born to Be Wild
Countersteer's motorcycles celebrate rebellious artistry. By Janis Hashe

RETAIL |  What's New on Temescal Alley
Ali Golden talks ethics and Dopp Shoes opens a store. Plus, learn the 1-2-3-4! Go Records backstory.
By Nana K. Twumasi

|  Porque No? Tacos
Why not have tacos for breakfast? Porque No? Tacos is a solid spot for Mexican fare and American breakfast favorites in Rockridge. By Katherine Hamilton

Life Skills 101 comes to Cal to teach students what they need to know to be adults. 
By Paul Kilduff


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