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COVER | Guy Buffet

A Fine Bordeaux, (one of four limited edition giclee prints in the La Couple Suite), 2005. Guy Buffet is a French-American artist originally from Paris who creates whimsical paintings gracing walls and products all over the world. Known for his depictions of chefs, sommeliers, waiters, and café scenes, Buffet revisits his French roots in his paintings. He has spent much of his career in the Polynesian islands but lived in San Francisco in the 1960s and painted the area as well as the Napa Valley. The artist lives and works in the Bay Area and continues to travel the world and attends events throughout the country holding art shows where he poses for snapshots with his delighted collectors. You can see more of his artwork at the Jessel Gallery in Napa. The gallery, 1019 Atlas Peak Road, is open daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m.,, 707-257-2350. To contact the gallery, email and read more about Buffet at

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June 2019 Issue:

FEATURE | The Fire Risk Worsens
Oakland's vegetation vigilantes sound the wildfire alarm. By Diego Aguilar-Canabal

| Child Care Made Easier
A new law would treat larger day cares the same as smaller ones when it comes to permits and zoning. By Lisa Fernandez

ARTS |  Honest Communication Means
Help others through difficult times, one thoughtful card at a time. By Charleen Earley

RETAIL | Outstanding Ankara Designs at Bay Street
Ray Darten means for its color clothing to be worn.
By Nana Twumasi

| Lao Taé
Laotion Fare lands in Montclair. Bring on the chicken gizzards and fermented crab. By Katherine Hamilton

The A's radio guy talks baseball, his new book, and more. 
By Paul Kilduff


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