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COVER | Kota Ezawa

Modernist Folksong, 2017 (color aquatint; 29 x 30 inches; edition of 30, image courtesy of the artist and Paulson Fontaine Press). Kota Ezawa's work references images from popular culture, cinema, television, and art history. Working in a variety of media, Ezawa distills iconic images to their most essential form using flat, simple, and colorful shapes. The simplicity of Ezawa's imagery amplifies its impact and communicates the symbolic power these images have on the collective psyche. In Modernist Folksong, he brings together a reference to the famous modernist series, Homage to the Square by Josef Alberts, and a photograph of the iconic folk artist Joni Mitchell. Ezawa's work will be included in the upcoming 2019 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Modernist Folksong is in the collection of the Achenbach Foundation, a Fine Art Museum of San Francisco. Modernist Folksong is available as part of Kala Art Institute's annual benefit auction, which will be held on Saturday, April 6, 6-9:30 p.m. Celebrating Kala's 45th year as a print studio and gallery, this special anniversary auction brings together Kala's creative community and features the inventive and meaningful art being made in the Bay Area. Tickets are available at or by phone, 510-841-7000.

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April 2019 Issue:

FEATURE | Vicious Love in the Squared Circle
GLAM, a new women-centered wrestling show, serves up inclusivity at the Oakland Metro. By Melati Citawireja

| Volunteers Narrowing the Achievement Gap
Reading Partners, a successful nationwide nonprofit program, strives to improve third-grade reading proficiency in low-income Oakland Schools. By Julia Kane

PARENTING | Build a Rainbow of Friendships
A Cal psychologist has a simple prescription for race relations. By Lisa Fernandez

DANCE |  A Certain Synergy
Cal Performances and the Alvin Ailey company exhibit a commitment to an artistic life cycle. By Lou Fancher

RETAIL | Highlights from Fashion Community Week
Plus Dandelion Post finds a new home, and EM Deli & Catering brings Korean groceries to Montclair.
By Annie Crawford

| Co Nam
Sleek, slick, and hip: Co Nam brings the quan nhua — best likened to a Vietnamese izakaya or gastropub — to Temescal, offering not just food and drink, but a place to sit back and enjoy. By Katherine Hamilton

THE KILDUFF FILE | Caspers or Kasper's?
It's all in the family for the famous East Bay hot dog empire. 
By Paul Kilduff


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