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COVER | Alejandro Rivera

Pollen, (oil on canvas). An exhibition of Alejandro Rivera's recent paintings will be on view in September at Caldwell Snyder Gallery, 341 Sutter St., San Francisco, ( The gallery summarizes the artist thusly: "To view a painting by Mexican artist Alejandro Rivera is to enter into an alternate universe, a place where time has collapsed, allowing artifacts of disparate civilizations to engage in a continuous and complex dialogue. His works have a labyrinthine, densely narrative quality that invites and rewards extended contemplation. Rivera's ability to manipulate symbols has allowed for compositions that speak incisively about the timeless, collective nature of human experience. Rivera's paintings can often be read as allegories of contemporary life—especially in Mexico, where elements of American pop culture have become deeply ingrained in society. Yet for all their depth of symbolism, Rivera's paintings are not prescriptive. They are, more than anything else, expansive works, testaments to the boundless potential of the human imagination.

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July 2018 Issue:

DÉCOR |  When History and Styles Intersect
An interior designer uses creative thinking and evocative materials to integrate heirlooms and nostalgia for a modern redo.
By Elyce Berrigan-Dunlop

CONTAINERS |  Scissor Your Salad
A cut-and-come-again container of greens gives you salad all season long and then some. By Linnea Due

FAVORITES |  Tomato Cultivation 101
It's not as hard as you think to coax tomatoes to grow in all sorts of colors. By Linnea Due

VERTICALS |  Up, Up, and Away
You can take your garden vertical without spending a fortune. By Linnea Due

IN FARO'S GARDEN |  Senecio and Other Concerns
An unexpected garden party leads to consideration of a massacre for a makeover. By R. E. Faro

DRUMMING |   The Women Who Drum
A four-day camp in the East Bay aims to empower women through drumming.
By Kathleen Richards

RETAIL |  Stylish Leather Goods Land in Temescal Alley
Plus, introducing Mandana Blvd.'s online goods and All Things Hemp.
By Nana K. Twumasi

|  Comal Next Door
The fast-casual taqueria option is as popular as the original.
By Janelle Bitker

The Kilduff File |  Ruth Robinson
The local troop leader of Dog Scouts of America wants no bored dogs. 
By Paul Kilduff


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