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COVER | Joan Brown

Leela, 1983 (lithograph). Joan Brown was a well-known American figurative painter and member of the "second generation" of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. Her work can by seen in the exhibition Joan Brown: In Living Color on display at the Richmond Art Center's South Gallery through Nov. 18. The collection reveals the work of an artist who never strayed from recording the everyday: a child, a cat, a dream, or a view of oneself. Many of these works, reflecting Brown's bold originality in her commitment to humanism, come from the artist's estate and have never been exhibited publicly. This lithograph for the cover, Leela, was printed by Tamarind Institute, is copyrighted by the Estate of Joan Brown, and is courtesy of Magnolia Editions. The Richmond Art Center, 2540 Barrett Ave., is open Tue.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Gallery admission is free.

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November 2017 Issue:

UP FRONT | Being a Long-Distance Caregiver
Experts say that when caring for an elderly parent who lives far away, the most important thing is to join a support group with people experiencing the same challenges. By Lisa Fernandez.

EAST BAY LIFE | Working Together for Community
A galvanizing force, Joe Hawkins leads Oakland's new LGBTQ Community Center.
By Edward Guthmann.

EDUCATION | Teaching Environmental Literacy
California has launched a movement to help students understand climate change and human impacts on water and ecological systems. By Carolyn Jones.

THEATER |   Something's Brewing in the Basement
Theatre Lunatico continues a storied theater phenomenon at La Val's.
By Sam Hurwitt

RETAIL |   Another Kind of Container Shopping
Plus, introducing fashion-forward scrubs and your new favorite bottle shop.
By Nana Twumasi.

|  Shinmai
It's sleek, sexy, and ambitious—and settling in.
By Ethan Fletcher.

The Kilduff File |  Jon Carroll
The longtime columnist talks successors, free speech, and Trump. 
By Paul Kilduff


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