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Cover | Steve Chellis

Still Life with Zest (oil on canvas). South Carolina native Steve Chellis is an artist and freelance designer in Emeryville. As a member of Bluetan, a small collective based in Brooklyn, N.Y., he is responsible for curating shows, web design, and creative direction. As an artist, he has extensive knowledge of history, chemistry, and contemporary issues involved in painting and printmaking. Chellis earned his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and his work has been exhibited in the Bay Area, the East Coast, and the Southeast. He says his work has undergone a dramatic change since Nov. 16, 2016, and this painting represents that new work. Learn more at He is one of 98 artists featured in the 31st Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition Oct. 7-29. For exhibition info: or 510-652-6122.

COMING SOON: The Monthly heads to Yingji Huang and Andy Liu's Shinmai and shares more food and restaurant news in Feast Bay. Paul Kilduff does a sit-down with Jon Carroll who's still herding cats, and The Monthly's critics weigh in on what not to miss in art, books, dance, film, music, and theater in November.

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October 2017 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE | A History of Exclusion
How African Americans were blocked from living in most East Bay neighborhoods. An excerpt from the 2017 book The Color of Law.
By Richard Rothstein.

EDUCATION | School in Early August?
Oakland Unified is planning to start school on Aug. 13 next year, and some parents and camp directors don't like it. By Matthew Artz.

PARENTING | Social Media Amplify Feelings of FoMO
The crystal ball of Snapchat and other apps allows teens to keep tabs on what their friends are doing. And that's not always a good thing.
By Lisa Fernandez.

ENVIRONMENT | A (Road) Diet for the Future
East Bay activists are pushing to replace more traffic lanes with bike lanes. But not everybody is happy about it. By Alastair Bland.

RETAIL |   Creating a Home for Independent Makers
Kosa Arts builds community, plus what's new with books and a few vintage finds.
By Nana Twumasi.

|  Mockingbird
The updated 2.0 version brings simple, elegant, destination dining to downtown Oakland.
By Ethan Fletcher.

The Kilduff File |  Regina Stoops
A Pleasanton comedian gives you permission to laugh at acronyms. 
By Paul Kilduff

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