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Cover | Bill Jeng

Alameda Sentinels (11 x 14, acrylic on canvas). Bill Jeng is an artist whose interests include painting, cartooning, woodworking, surfing, motorcycling, and engineering. Although Jeng practices civil engineering during the day, he is often in his home studio/workshop tinkering with art projects on evenings and weekends. His current projects include found and recycled materials incorporated into paintings or constructs. He is a mostly self-taught artist, has exhibited in local Bay Area businesses and galleries, and is a member of Art Jam in Alameda. He is currently exhibiting mini-artworks at Rhythmix Cultural Works—K Gallery until Jan. 4 and will be exhibiting paintings and new work at Fog City Java in Pacifica through January. Alameda Sentinels, the artist notes, depicts the cranes along the Oakland estuary. Urban myth has it that George Lucas was inspired by these cranes for the Star Wars walking AT-ATs. Although Lucas says it isn't so, they do look a lot alike. Jeng keeps a blog,, where he ruminates about current work. See his at his website, or email him at

COMING SOON: Reese Erlich chews on comedy in the era of Trump with help from a few comedians, Paul Kilduff talks drag racing with a local 14-year-old female champ, and Ethan Fletcher pops into the Korean-American mash-up that is the Berkeley Social Club. Plus, our critics offer their hot picks in art, books, dance, film, music, and theater for February.

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January 2017 Issue:
Table of Contents

The Consequences of Actions

Writers ponder how things might have been different if they had a second chance.
By Julie Anderson, Naneen Karraker, Maureen Ellen O'Leary, Rosie Sorenson, Wendy Bomberg, Diane K. Quimby, and Robert Menzimer.

EAST BAY LIFE |  It Was Grand
The East Bay's only kosher bakery shutters.
By Lisa Fernandez.

|  Films to See and Miss
Put Julieta and Manchester by the Sea on your watch list.
By Reese Erlichs.

|  Asian Street Food
Three Asian eateries around the UC Berkeley campus offer a culinary experience that's off the beaten path.
By Ethan Fletcher.

The Kilduff File |  Nikki Huiras
Cuddling becomes a profession with cuddlists striving to put themselves out of a job, one cuddle at a time. 
By Paul Kilduff

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