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Cover | Sofia Ascencio

Untitled, (graphite, watercolor, and ink). The artist, Sofia Ascencio, entered Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., this fall as a freshman. She completed this work while a senior at Holy Names High School as part of a school art project that combined black-and-white portraiture with color added to convey a sense of the subject's personality. The image was selected as the first-place winner of the The Monthly's annual student cover art contest. The portrait is of Margaux Faure, who looks up to Sofia as a sister mentor; Sofia dated her brother for two years. An outstanding volleyball player, Sofia confessed that her favorite medium is ink and that she is also a huge fan of collage. Read more about Sofia and the second- and third-place winners here.

NEXT MONTH: The Monthly celebrates 45 years of operation with a retrospective and quirky look back at 45 pivotal moments in East Bay history, among them railroads and commuter trains, tunnels and bridges, scandals and riots, earthquakes and proms. Plus, meet Fabulous Frank from Playland Not at the Beach in El Cerrito, and eat delicious stuff at Piedmont Avenue dining destination Homestead.

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September 2015 Issue:
Table of Contents

The Wraparound Approach
A new dual-immersion charter debuts in East Oakland and strives to function as the center of health for the neighborhood.
By Emily Wilson.

Ask a Homeschooler
A veteran at-home teacher shares the most common questions and comments she gets over her chosen educational lifestyle.
By Karen T. Hartline.

Minecraft as a Teaching Tool
Does video game playing in a classroom setting actually teach kids anything, or are they just getting more addicted to Minecraft?
By Momo Chang.

Artistic Opportunities
The winners of The Monthly's annual student cover art contest.
By Judith M. Gallman.

FEATURE |  Telling Their Real Stories
A reunited father and daughter work together in Richmond on their dual memoir of loss and recovery in documentary form.
By Edward Guthmann.

|  Gather
An insightful new chef finds new meaning in ingredients that others take for granted.
By Anneli Rufus.

The Kilduff File
|  George Zimmer
The former Men's Wearhouse CEO goes mobile with a new career at zTailors.
By Paul Kilduff

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