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Cover | David Lance Goines

Year of the Ram (2015, Solid color blockprint printed by litho and letterpress, edition of 750). David Lance Goines was born in 1945 in Grants Pass, Ore., and has lived and worked in Berkeley as a printer and graphic designer since 1965. He has designed and printed 235 posters for local, national, and international businesses, as well as graphic work for many private clients. He is the author of five books, collaborator on three, and his work has been the subject of six others. A new book, published by Dover, is available in local bookstores: The Poster Art of David Lance Goines, A 40-Year Retrospective, 1968-2009 (Dover, 2010). Goines is also a 21-gallon blood donor. His work may be seen online at

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NEXT MONTH: Art critic DeWitt Cheng contemplates Art Murmur's growth and successes, Paul Kilduff goofs off with King Dork author Frank Portman, and The Monthly shares the latest info on what's for dinner these days, le lapin.

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February 2015 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  Another Kind of Homeless Program
Berkeley shelter YEAH! listens to youth and builds a sense of family in a safe place on a seasonal basis. 
By Kate Madden Yee.

EDUCATION |  The Maker Movement Enters the Classroom
Tinkering, improvising, and experimentation gain prominence in the school curriculum.
By Kate Rix.

MY GENERATION |  True to His '60s Roots
The Berkeley Rep's Tony Taccone surrounds himself with talent and continues to push the envelope for inspired theater. By Mike Rosen-Molina.

|  Xolo Taqueria
Californified Mexican street food in the form of tacos, burritos, and hot dogs gives the Mission District a run for its money at this Uptown outpost.
By Anneli Rufus.

The Kilduff File |  Stoney Burke
Welcome to the Stoney Zone, where free speech still rules and a street performer wields his mouth as a weapon . 
By Paul Kilduff

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