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Cover | Robert Yu

Optical Beauty, (water color pencils and gouache). Robert Yu is a Piedmont High School graduate who has just entered UC Berkeley, and his art, Optical Beauty, was selected as The Monthly's winner of the annual student art contest. It's the third time is as many years the gifted artist has been selected for the honor. This Cubist-reminiscent piece is a portrait of Robert's sister, Chrystina, whom the artist credits as a source of artistic and daily inspiration. Robert was particularly interested in conveying a kinetic sense of motion with the portrait, which contemplates self-examination from multiple perspectives. "My image is about embracing who you are. I believe it is always important to be confident with what you have been given in life." Read more about Robert here.

NEXT MONTH: Some of the East Bay's best medical practitioners talk medicine and field advances in our annual East Bay Medical Guide, which also delves into hospital mergers and other health topics. Meanwhile, Brown is the new green In Faro's Garden, and strong drinks and solid plates await at Townie in Berkeley.

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September 2014 Issue:
Table of Contents

The Trouble With Testing
The new Common Core standards hit schools in earnest this year. Are East Bay schools ready for this all-digital test?
By Kate Rix.

Cultural Heritage Education
Immersion education may help kids do better in school. Here's a look at Mandarin immersion at a local public charter school, Yu Ming Charter, getting results.
By Mike McGreehan.

Lunchroom Makeovers
Antibiotic-free chicken, chorizo, and kale replace pre-packaged pizza, corndogs, and canned goods in kitchens being updated in 30 Oakland schools.
By Kate Rix.

Young Picassos
Winners of The Monthly's annual Student Cover Art Contest, including an unprecedented third-time first-place winner.

UPFRONT |  Charting the Science of Happiness
Happiness guru Emiliana Simon-Thomas, a neuroscientis, sets the stage for September's debut of a huge UC Massive Open Online Course undertaking happiness.
By Michael Berry.

|  Tamon Tea
Berkeley's Tamon Tea Has (Rice) Balls.
By Anneli Rufus.

The Kilduff File
|  Christian Rudder
The OKCupid founder reveals what Internet searches really say about us.
By Paul Kilduff

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