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Cover | I0 Bonini

Like Cats and Gods, 2013 (mixed media on wood panel 32 inches by 48 inches). Longtime Bay Area artist I0 Bonini chooses a poem, quote, or saying for the basis of her paintings, with the adage for this cover image being, "You were always so fickle just like cats and gods." Her newest works, They Came to Play (on display at Bucci's, 6121 Hollis St., Emeryville, through Jan. 3), toy around with this playful notion: "What if … we wrote books with paint and created paintings with words." For these works, Bonini chooses rich, bright colors, curious subjects, and words to convey an adult's perspective on a child's imagining. An experienced muralist and sculptor with a penchant for Lear, Gorey, Dahl, Juster, Tolkien, and Silverstein, Bonini also writes and paints illustrations for children's books and believes the narrative and imagery in children's literature should be equally compelling for adults and children. She also maintains a unique sense of humor, writing, "To get in touch with the artist, look at the newest pieces, give her a million dollars, offer to represent her, or just to say hello, visit or email at"

NEXT MONTH: In-the-know sources and experts hypothesize about the East Bay's most widespread urban legends; the Bay Area's most popular parenting guru, Meg Zweiback, shares her life story; an innovative parolee mentoring program at Merritt College gives inmates hope; and R.E. Faro returns to the garden with pruning, a new neighbor, and chainsaw-wielding Hector top of mind.

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January 2014 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  The Birth of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp
Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp is being celebrated this year around the world for turning a hundred. Few may know that the lovable character cemented his sentimental everyman shtick in turn-of-the century Niles Canyon, thanks to a tiny studio there and Chaplin's first great love.
By Ann Leslie Davis.

EAST BAY LIFE |  Nice Day for the Tour de Beer
Start the new year right with this tour de beer, a coming-of-age story of new and happening beer halls, hip beer gardens, on-the-horizon brewski purveyors, as well as a few favorite standbys. The beer is enticing, of course, but this emerging iteration of suds sellers puts a hefty premium on outstanding food, ambience, and attitude, with a few spots attracting go-getter restaurateurs—James Syhabout and Chris Pastena—to help in their endeavors.
By Paul Kilduff.

MY GENERATION|  Haywire Heart
A healthy 48-year-old whose heart stops in the emergency room grapples with learning to deal with a heart condition—one, it turns out, that is much more common than the average person might think. A survivor tells her tale of handling a life-threatening diagnosis and its consequences.
By Martha Ross.

The Kilduff File |  Karen Hester
Oakland's Karen Hester, an energetic event organizer, vehement billboard opponent, public project advocate, and co-housing resident and consultant, rarely sits still in her effort to build her idea of a better Oakland. In this interview, she talks politics, inspiration, street food, bikes, and more. 
By Paul Kilduff

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