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Cover | Donald and Era Farnsworth

Reflection III, 2004 (jacquard tapestry, 75 inches by 54 inches). Donald and Era Farnsworth are collaborators in art and life, directing Magnolia Editions, a fine art publisher and studio for experimental art projects in Oakland, and traveling the globe to find imagery for their mixed-media work on paper and in tapestry. The Farnsworths employ a wide range of traditional printmaking and innovative digital methods developed at Magnolia Editions, where breakthroughs in techniques such as photogravure and weaving have led to editions by artists including Squeak Carnwath, Chuck Close, Guy Diehl, Hung Liu, Enrique Chagoya, Kiki Smith, Masami Teraoka, and William T. Wiley. Reflection III, one of an ongoing series of tree portraits by the Farnsworths, is a mixed-media etching with watercolor translated into an electronic weave file and woven on a 7-foot jacquard loom using a proprietary Magnolia Editions’ technique. Instead of ink on fabric, the image is made up entirely of colored thread combinations, woven together so that the eye perceives them as unique colors. See more artwork by the Farnsworths and learn more about Magnolia Editions at

NEXT MONTH: Charlie Chaplin-mania hits the Bay Area as the Little Tramp celebrates a centennial, an active woman describes in detail a heart problem that almost took her life, and The Monthly’s man Paul Kilduff gets a plum assignment—exploring new beerhalls and beergardens for a New Year attitude adjustment.

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December 2013 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  What Keeps Me Up at Night?
Rent, college tuition, to-do lists—there’s always something keeping our eyes from closing at night. Hear what keeps others from snoozing in our twice-annual essay issue featuring local writers on “What keeps me up at night.”
By Robert Menzimer, Rebecca Lawton, Maureen Ellen O’Leary, Stacy Appel, and Laurie Wagner.

UP FRONT |  Appetite for Jazz
For a case study in everything going right in Oakland, look no further than Duende, the jazz club and Basque-inspired restaurant at Telegraph and 19th in the historic Art Deco building that also houses Flora. Since opening in January, the venture has more than lived up to its promise, earning glowing reviews for its innovative menu while quickly establishing itself as a regional outpost for left-of-center jazz. 
By Andrew Gilbert.

MY GENERATION |  Finding Their Voices
It’s never to late to take up writing, where age may actually create some advantages for newbie authors. A diverse group of late-blooming East Bay boomers find the time, support, and energy to become late-life novelists, gaining perspective and insight into long-held desires to tell stories. 
By Mike Rosen-Molina.

The Kilduff File |  Rod Gilmore
ESPN college football analyst Rod Gilmore, an attorney who also happens to be Alameda’s first husband since he’s married to Mayor Marie Gilmore, has a lot to say about the college game. A former standout defensive back at Stanford who played in the greatest Big Game of them all, Gilmore has definite gridiron cred and opines on matters as diverse as Twitter, Aaron Hernandez, synthetic marijuana, and Cal’s abysmal athletic graduation rate.  By Paul Kilduff

SPECIAL SECTION | The East Bay Medical Guide
Presented by The Monthly and Oakland and Alameda Magazines Medical writer Linda Childers explores timely medical topics, from the ban on blood from gay donors and dreaded Lyme disease moving West to stopping pre-diabetes in its tracks and vaccines to prevent cancer in today’s generation. You can see it in our digital edition by clicking here.

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