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Cover | Gerry Traucht

The Fisher-Warrior (photograph). Gerry Traucht, a Berkeley fine art photographer, is known for his portraits of people and pets, his gelatin silver nudes of dancers, and his photographs of the mystical egrets—the national symbol of the Audubon Society—at the Berkeley Aquatic Park lagoon. There are always two egrets monitoring the lagoon, Traucht says. From November on, their numbers swell, staying through spring and occasionally well into summer, enjoying their lagoon, shoreline, and wetlands—the mouths of rivers and streams that flow into bays and oceans. “In drawing back the veil, the egrets have drawn my camera’s attention to moments of near paradisiacal beauty at the Berkeley lagoon,” Traucht says. “The Greeks had it right—[a] pantheism of sorts. All things are everything, when you look closely.” Traucht’s photos are on display through January at three Berkeley venues: Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Ave.; the Berkeley City building lobby, 1947 Center St., and the Au Coquelet Café, 2000 University Ave. For info on the exhibits and Traucht’s photography services: (510) 649-1971,, or

NEXT MONTH: Essays on what keeps us up at night, excerpt from The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, and Oakland’s latest hot jazz spot, Duende.

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November 2013 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |   Come Together
Cohousing—a modern twist on a commune (or co-op) open to families, seniors, and singles—is alive and well here, with more than 24 such communities thriving in the Bay Area. We peek into cohousing in the East Bay, explore what makes it work (or not work), and why some people would exchange some private space for hanging out with other folks.
By Kate Madden Yee.

UPFRONT |  A Woman in Full
A profile of jazz pianist/composer Myra Melford, who appears this month in San Francisco to perform Language of Dreams, a multimedia commission from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Melford, a music professor at U.C. Berkeley, released her first solo piano album, Life Carries Me This Way, last month.
By Andrew Gilbert.  

The Kilduff File |  David H. Freedman
The science journalist has taken a lot of heat—or, shall we say, melted transfats—from his recent Atlantic article about how making fast food healthier might be the best way to tackle American obesity. 
By Paul Kilduff


This regular section includes stories on inspiring local baby boomers, health, exercise, finance, entertainment, and more.

Living Well ’s “Skin in the Game” looks closely at skin care, which has been important since ancient times (the Egyptians used sea salt scrubs, and the Mayans avocados). As we age, skin—our largest organ—grows drier and thinner. But all is not lost—there’s a lot we can do to keep our epidermis healthy and vital, from choosing good sun protection and natural products, to laser treatments and even Botox. B
y Kate Madden Yee.

Boomer Bio spotlights Michael Morgan, who has attracted new audiences in his 22 years at the helm of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, part of his long-term vision to make orchestral music accessible, relevant, and never stodgy. From inspiring Oakland students to pursue musical careers, to presenting music from India, the Phillipines, and Armenia, Morgan has returned classical music to the people. By Mike Rosen-Molina.

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