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Cover | Valentin Popov

St. Wonder Woman (oil painting on woodblock, 2012, covered by a 24-karat gold-plated, 18th-century Russian icon, called an oklad.) Ukrainian-born Valentin Popov, an Oakland resident whose work is featured in museum collections around the world, mixes the academic and the anarchistic. St. Wonder Woman is part of Popov’s ironic icon series, where he experiments with combining images of the superhero in American society (like Batman) with traditional religious iconic art from Christianity. His work can be seen at Modernism gallery, 685 Market St., Ste. 290, San Francisco. For info: (415) 541-0461,, or For an essay by Popov about his artwork using icons, click here.

NEXT MONTH: Oakland’s Duende marries lively jazz and food, the maturing of elder hostel travel, and best care and shoes for feet with high mileage.

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July 2013 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  Nifty Neighborhoods
Longtime East Bayites might think they know everything about our inimitable shopping and dining districts, but each neighborhood has distinctive flavors all its own (literally and figuratively) that set it apart from the rest—and from every place else on earth. We celebrate some of our favorite go-to refuges plus their subtle moods, hot spots, sights, and sounds.
By Anneli Rufus.

UP FRONT |  Portrait of a Young Man
Fruitvale Station, the story of the last 24 hours of Oscar Grant, who was killed by police on an Oakland BART platform on New Year’s Eve 2009, won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Directed by Richmond filmmaker Ryan Coogler, the movie opens this month.
By Michael Fox.

The Kilduff File |  Mary Roach
Oakland’s famed offbeat author of Stiff and Spook tackles the human digestive system: Everything that goes in comes out, right?
By Paul Kilduff


This regular section includes stories on inspiring local baby boomers, health, exercise, finance, entertainment, and more.

By the Book features an excerpt from When Will My Grown-Up Kid Grow Up?, by Oakland writer Elizabeth Fishel and psychologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, about understanding kids ages 18-29—who may or may not have moved out yet.

Boomer Bio profiles Anthony Sandberg, a passionate sailor who vowed to bring sailing to the people through his Berkeley sailing club, OCSC (and succeeded). By Mike Rosen-Molina

Out and About offers tips to novice art fans about how to appreciate abstract art. (Hint: Don’t think too much.) By Mike Rosen-Molina

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