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Cover | David Levenson

Julia Morgan (gouache and acrylic on wood, 2013). Fine artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful paintings and collages. Over the past year, Congdon has been drawing and painting influential historical women; her portrait of East Bay architect Julia Morgan is part of the series. Paper patchwork, patterns, and a textile presence in her work reference her longtime romance with surface design, in particular the design and folk pattern of Scandinavia and other cultures. Congdon’s work also contains obvious juxtapositions: combining bold neon colors with vintage sepia-toned photographs and traditional graphite drawings with collaged geometric shapes. An illustrator for many companies including Chronicle Books, HarperCollins Publishers, and Simon and Schuster, she is a voracious world traveler, and plans to visit a different country or city every year for the rest of her life. Congdon lives in Oakland with her partner and animals. For info:

NEXT MONTH: Personal essays on “What I Miss,” the cool kids of Oakland’s Prescott Circus Theatre, and an excerpt from Holding Silvan, by Berkeley author Monica Wesolowska.

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May 2013 Issue:
Table of Contents


This issue includes our second installment of Bay Area Boomer, a regular section that includes stories on inspiring local baby boomers, health, exercise, finance, entertainment, and more. In Out and About, Mike Rosen-Molina introduces readers to energetic groups of hikers criss-crossing the lovely East Bay hills. Rosen-Molina also wrote this month’s Boomer Bio, a profile of SOAR for Youth founder Diana Brown, a local spitfire working on behalf of foster kids. And Susan E. Davis offers easy solutions for older adults grappling with common sleep struggles in Living Well.

Boomer Bio |  Diana Brown | by Mike Rosen-Molina

Living Well | Donít Lie Awake | by Susan E. Davis

Out and About | Finding Fresh Air  | by Mike Rosen-Molina

FEATURE |  The Stylin' Family Home
How to design a stylish but practical home that can host a Mad Men school fundraiser on Saturday night followed by a soccer team party on Sunday for 30 kids? An Oakland homeowner tells her story of transforming her nondescript house into a modern family-friendly space complete with washable furniture and artificial turf in the backyard. The story also includes tips for choosing tile, flooring, and paint color.
By Jody Brettkelly.

The Kilduff File |  Will Durst
Comedian Durst waxes funny on the widespread plight of the aging boomer, which he chronicles in his new one-man show at the Marsh San Francisco.
By Paul Kilduff

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