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Cover | Lisa Haderlie Baker

The Plane Tree Allée at Sunset, Crab Cove, Alameda (gouache on heavy rag paper). Lisa Haderlie Baker, who lives and works in Alameda, has been a painter and illustrator for over 40 years. Plane Tree Allée depicts a row of sycamores that extend along a path that used to be part of Neptune Beach in Alameda, a huge amusement park that had its heyday between the two world wars. Called the Coney Island of the West, it had public baths, dance halls, a huge saltwater swimming pool, and roller coasters. Now all that is left of the rowdy Neptune Beach is this quiet path between the trees, and the view of the Bay.
Most of Baker’s paintings portray, like this one, quiet, mysterious, secret landscapes of the Bay Area. She is especially drawn to Alameda’s old neighborhoods and quiet gardens and shorelines, often at sunset or twilight. Baker’s work is in many private collections, and is exhibited at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley and at Vines Cafe and Gallery in Alameda. ACCI, Castle in the Air in Berkeley, and Books Inc. in Alameda carry an extensive line of greeting cards printed from her paintings. Baker also regularly creates commissioned pieces. See more of her work at or contact her at

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November 2012 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  Taking Flight
Forty years ago, President Richard Nixon signed Title IX—37 words prohibiting gender discrimination in schools—into law. The resulting explosion in women athletes (since then, 1,000 percent more girls participate in high school sports) has reverberated across generations. Three local women athletes—ages 63, 47, and 30—explain how the landmark legislation affected their lives, and what’s still just a dream for female athletes.
By Mary Eisenhart and Regan McMahon.

UP FRONT |  Wish Granted
For cash-strapped filmmakers, the Berkeley Film Foundation serves as something of a fairy godmother. Young but influential, the 4-year-old grant-making organization is dedicated to helping East Bay residents start (or finish) their films. Our longtime film critic, Michael Fox, fills us in on the backstory. 
By Michael Fox.

SHOPPING AROUND | Feel-Good Grocers
Big chain supermarkets offer a wider range of products and, often, better prices. But many East Bay families prefer to bring home the bacon (or the broccoli) from a small independent market. Even in a shaky economy, it’s hard to beat the cachet of the stalwart neighborhood grocery.  
By Samantha Campos.

The Kilduff File |  Fran Lebowitz
The New York–based satirist on anti-smoking laws, her putative presidential campaign, and how not to run a public school.  By Paul Kilduff

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