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Cover | Jane Oriel

Pumpkin (oil on canvas, private commission). For Jane Oriel, success means capturing the unspoken inner emotions that are influenced and inspired by the world around us. She uses atmospheric light, color, line, textures, and patterns, as well as fluid brush strokes to express this inner-outer relationship—colliding, complementing and/or permeating one another. No living creature is an island, she believes. "It has been a true gift for me to bring art into people’s lives, inspired by their most precious companions," says Oriel, who studied at Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts, and Art Students League in New York City. Her paintings are in many private collections and have been exhibited nationally. To view her work by appointment or for info about a custom portrait, visit the Firehouse Collective at 1000 Gilman St. in Berkeley or Click here for an interview with Oriel in The Monthly’s regular By Day feature.

NEXT MONTH: The Lawrence Berkeley Lab site that could recharge the city of Richmond, gearing up for the new baby, and Wife 22, a comedy of manners by Oakland’s Melanie Gideon (check out her in the July issue of O).


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student art contest


July 2012 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  What You Donít See
Some summer contests are about eating pie, or pitching baseballs, or diving all the way to the bottom of the lake. Ours is about writing—specifically, writing a true-life story with the phrase “what you don’t see” in mind. Each of our multiple winning scribes has a deft way with words, and a gift for insight or humor. As for what they say blindsided them—oh, you’d be surprised!
By Alana Dill,†Alison Seevak, Denise Shelton, Wichita Sims, and Russell Yee.

BY DAY |  Jane Oriel
This Albany painter makes her living by immortalizing man’s best friend—regardless of breed—plus a few cats, too. 
 By Ronny Smith.

UP FRONT |  Masquerade at the Museum
Top photographer Cindy Sherman has served as her own model for more than three decades, posing as myriad characters in front of her camera, from sexy starlet to clown to aging socialite. Monthly co-editor Autumn Stephens scopes out the SFMOMA retrospective that opens this month and reports back on why Sherman’s work, over 30 years into her trailblazing career, is hotter than ever. 
By Autumn Stephens.

SHOPPING AROUND | Birthday Blasts
Whether the birthday girl or boy wants a blowout celebration or something more mellow, the East Bay offers the perfect venue for the occasion. Our writer canvasses an impressive array of local art studios, rock-climbing gyms, dance arenas, bowling alleys, and sports facilities that cater to groups of kids. “Pick a party that sparks your kid’s creative fire,” advises our writer, the mother of two children who celebrate birthdays on a yearly basis, “and it won’t be just the cake that’s glowing.”  
By Kate Madden Yee.

The Kilduff File |  Don Reed
The gifted comic who made good with East 14th: True Tales of a Reluctant Player bends our collective ear about growing up conflicted in Oakland, his new one-man show, and how having a dad who’s a pimp can be helpful.
By Paul Kilduff.

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