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Cover | Jylian Gustlin

Rara Avis 61 (mixed media on panel, 2012). In her “Rara Avis” (Latin for “rare bird”) series, Gustlin’s abstract figures—the foundation of her painting repertoire—are frequently set in an alien-like landscape, moody and brooding, depicting a sense of the future and complexity of the past. Vibrant mixes of color and texture, the figures transcend race, ethnicity, and even evolutionary life forms. Each piece poses existential questions on the choices we make in life and our emotional existence, says Gustlin, who received her bachelor’s in fine arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and has a background in computer science and mathematics. “Rara Avis 61” will be shown with her most recent body of work at the San Francisco Fine Art Fair with Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts at Fort Mason from May 16-20. For a complimentary one-day pass to the San Francisco Fine Art Fair, courtesy of The Monthly: For fair info: (415) 577-8007 or For more artist info:

NEXT MONTH: Boot camp for budding women politicians, the crazy saga of the casaba, and how to stage your house for a $$$ sale.


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May 2012 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Forward to the Past
Imagine a beautifully painted, gingerbready Victorian home—on wheels, tooling down the freeway, with flames shooting out the top. That’s the Steampunk aesthetic in a nutshell—a mash-up of the technology and aesthetics of Jules Verne’s era and 21st-century ideas. From Steamy events like Burning Man and the annual Edwardian Ball in San Francisco to trends in clothing and interior design, the youth-driven movement is making its dramatic presence known. 
By DeWitt Cheng.

UP FRONT |  Sound Genies
Headquartered in an obscure building along San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley’s Meyer Sound is an international force in speaker design, and club and concert hall acoustics. Catering to some of the world’s top artists as well as local venues (Zellerbach Hall, Freight & Salvage, the Crowden Music Center), the company has been a bastion of cutting-edge research since the early ’70s. 
 By Andrew Gilbert.

SHOPPING AROUND | Forget Flowers
Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean Hallmark. An action-packed class in belly dancing, blacksmithing, rock ’n’ roll singing, or motorcycle riding—to name just a few off-the-beaten-path options—makes a thrilling alternative to roses or bath salts.  
By Kate Madden Yee 

The Kilduff File |  Joe Tuman
Jean Quan’s one-time rival for mayor—and possible City Council candidate—on pro sports and medical marijuana in Oakland.
By Paul Kilduff.

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