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Cover | Hilary Williams

Dozing Under a Dream of Flight (screen print on paper, limited edition, 2011). Award-winning artist Hilary Williams works in mixed media, creating surreal screenprints of urban scenes that encompass photography, printmaking, patterning, and drawing. “Since my first introduction to screen printing I have been enthralled by its graphic quality, bold colors, and the way it lends itself to layers,” writes Williams, who is represented by aMFa Galleries, and whose work was recently featured in the Sausalito Art Fair. “There is always some humor, irony as well as melancholy in my pieces.” In 2002, Williams received her B.A. in printmaking from Oakland’s California College of the Arts. A Bay Area resident, she teaches at ARC Studios and Gallery in San Francisco. For info on aMFa Galleries (at the Gilman Art Center, 1318 10th St., Berkeley and Orinda Theater Square): (925) 788-5866 or For more on Williams:

NEXT MONTH: Sparkling wines, the wonders of West Oakland, and (hear, hear!) the local audio talent that is Meyer Sound.


The Monthly is now accepting personal essays (non-fiction, first-person prose) of up to 900 words for possible publication in our summer literary issue. The theme:
What you don’t see

A distinct, compelling voice is what we’re after here. We favor the specific and personal over the vague and general, and request that you not use the phrase “What you don’t see.”

To submit, paste the essay into your email to editorial@ and attach as a Word document (“.doc,” not “.docx” file). You must include your name, email address, and phone number in the body of your email and at the top of your essay document. Also, please be aware that as a regional magazine, we prioritize submissions from those who live or work in the East Bay. Deadline: Monday, April 16.

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March 2012 Issue:
Table of Contents

Six degrees of separation? How about none? Like it or not, each of us is intimately connected with a vast number of other human beings—a crammed-close condition that begets crankiness and road rage, but also some of life’s most supremely satisfying moments. In this spring collaboration issue, we explore a growing trend toward more conscious sharing of our space, our goods, and our talents. (For examples of sharing in the arts, make sure to read this month’s Critic’s Choice picks in our digital edition.) Could this be evolution in progress?

FEATURE |  Dare to Share
Want to swap a haircut for a new website? Teach your neighbors how to make jam and get your leaky sink fixed in return? With money tight—and an eye toward saving the planet—people are getting creative about sharing their stuff and their skills, and finding new friends in the bargain.  
By Rachel Trachten.

UP FRONT |  Plays Well with Others
When a tiny (or immense) combo of creative types teams up, the result may be wonderful—and/or really, really weird. Former
Monthly editor Julia Park Tracey introduces some cutting-edge collaborators who make the East Bay their home, and explains the allure of a realm where one plus one equals much more than two. By Julia Park Tracey.

The Kilduff File |  Kitchen Sisters
National Public Radio darlings The Kitchen Sisters—aka Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva—talk about producing radio shows like “Hidden Kitchens” as a team, and finishing each other’s sentences.
By Paul Kilduff.

SHOPPING AROUND | Driven to Distraction
Even if you’re not in the one percent, you can always pretend. Classic sports car nut Paul Kilduff, our ever-wry columnist, tours a treasury of top-rung dealerships, chats up the proprietors, and pseudo-ponders the merits of classy collectibles like the vintage Porsche, Alfa Romeo, MG, Aston Martin, and, of course, the Ferrari.  
By Paul Kilduff. 

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