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Cover | David Lance Goines

Year of the Dragon (2012, solid-color blockprint, printed by letterpress in an edition of 500). David Lance Goines was born in 1945 in Grants Pass, Ore., and has lived and worked in Berkeley as a printer and graphic designer since 1965. He has designed and printed 226 posters for local, national, and international businesses, as well as graphic work for many private clients. He is the author of five books, collaborator on three, and his work has been the subject of six others. A new book, published by Dover, is available in local bookstores: The Poster Art of David Lance Goines, A 40-Year Retrospective, 1968-2009 (Dover, 2010). Goines is also a 19-gallon blood donor. His work may be seen online at

NEXT MONTH: Classic cars, teaming up for art, and sharing as a way of life.


The Monthly is now accepting personal essays (non-fiction, first-person prose) of up to 900 words for possible publication in our summer literary issue. The theme:
What you don’t see

A distinct, compelling voice is what we’re after here. We favor the specific and personal over the vague and general, and request that you not use the phrase “What you don’t see.” Also, please be aware that as a regional magazine, we prioritize submissions from those who live or work in the East Bay.

To submit, paste the essay into your email to and attach as a Word document (“.doc,” not “.docx” file). You must include your name, email address, and phone number in the body of your email and at the top of your essay document. Deadline: Thursday, April 12.

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February 2012 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Occupied Territory
Members of the old guard at Cal, home of the free speech movement, share system-bucking insights from back in the day. Today in their 60s and up, many of these seasoned protesters have taken active roles in the Occupy movement. Now they’re hoping that the current crop of earnest young activists can move beyond tent cities and the 99-percent slogan. 
By Mike Rosen-Molina.

BY THE BOOK |  A Theory of Small Earthquakes
An excerpt from the just-released first novel, set in the Bay Area, by Oakland’s Meredith Maran.

You don’t have to be a reality-TV hoarder to benefit from professional home organizing. With the right systems, shelving, or sage advice from an everything-in-its-place guru, any living space can become more comfortable and efficient.  
By Jeanne Storck. 

The Kilduff File |  Stanley Roberts
The righteous KRON reporter of “People Behaving Badly” fame on the pleasures and pitfalls of shooting miscreants in the act.
By Paul Kilduff.

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