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Cover | Roger Shelly

Black Chicken (fresco on wood). Roger Shelly, whose work is directly influenced by his 30-year career as an award-winning advertising art director, creates pieces that are oversized TV commercial storyboard frames or print ad comps. For his frescoes, Shelly mixes liquid and dry pigments, using old boards from a barn as his canvas. The drying cycle allows the medium to be sculpted and burnished before it sets. He then embellishes the pieces with historical or contemporary objects, resulting in artwork durable enough to hang outdoors. For more info or to view Shelly’s work: or


NEXT MONTH: The summer of Gertrude Stein, Alvin Ailey camp for teens, and eco-lunchboxes for all.

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40th anniversary issue 40th Anniversary!

The Monthly celebrated 40 years with the October 2010 issue.
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student art contest

Announcing the 11th Annual East Bay Monthly
Cover Art Contest
The winning student’s artwork will be featured on the September 2011 cover of The Monthly. In addition, he or she will receive an archival reproduction of the cover. Final deadline: July 1. Click here for info.


July 2011 Issue:
Table of Contents

FEATURE |  Head of the Class
At the world-class university in our backyard, scads of smart researchers are ferreting out the secrets of the future. A random dip into the vast brain trust yields Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, whose research reveals surprisingly optimistic news about race relations; Sonia Bishop, who scopes out the neuroscience of anxiety; and Robert Hirst, the nation’s most obsessive Mark Twain scholar.  
By Bonnie Wach.

UP FRONT |  Kosherer Than Thou
Local filmmakers Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman discuss their guaranteed-to-be-controversial new documentary, Between Two Worlds, screening at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival this month. 
By Michael Fox

There’s no shortage of ways to hit the H2O this summer, from cruises with cocktails, once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching tours, or the simple pleasure of pedal-boating around Lake Merritt.  
By Mike Rosen-Molina.

The Kilduff File |  Kristen Caven
Having recently resurrected her cartooning career, the Oakland artist bats around some big ideas, including what happens to youthful dreams, and why women’s colleges rule. 
By Paul Kilduff.

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