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Cover | Charles Lewis

The Three Vincents (oil on canvas). Charles Lewis is sometimes associated with the now not-so-underground art move-ment called Pop Surrealism, known for its strange humor and imaginary constructions. Part of his “Strange Visions” series, whose images the Los Gatos artist claims to download from another dimension called Jupiter7, “The Three Vincents” pays double tribute to the most famous Vincent in art. The third Vincent? It’s the glorious 1952 Vincent motorcycle, immortalized in the Richard Thompson song, “Vincent 1952” (“I robbed many a man to get my Vincent machine”). Lewis’s art can be seen at

NEXT MONTH: Crazy summer camps, six-word story contest winners, and how local folks are filling the gaps—and potholes—as public funding fails.


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40th anniversary issue 40th Anniversary!

The Monthly celebrated 40 years with the October 2010 issue.
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March 2011 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Stages of Healing
Imagine watching a troupe of actors perform a dramatic scene from your life, teasing out embedded emotions such as sadness, rage, or love. For patrons of Berkeley’s Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble, directed by psychotherapist Armand Volkas, such deeply personal, audience-inspired flashbacks are just part of an evening’s entertainment.   
By Rachel Trachten.

UPFRONT |  Circles of Change
Fania Davis, the sister of famed Black Panther Angela Davis, lived through some of the most turbulent times in our nation’s history. Today, the Oakland resident has found inner peace—and a new passion for helping local youth find nonviolent solutions to conflict.  
By Micky Duxbury.

IN FARO’S GARDEN |  In the Same Family
There are two types of people in this world: those who think arugula is all that, and those who never heard of it. With his natural aplomb, the gardener finds that those in both camps—and several other camps, as well—share common roots.    By R. E. Faro.

Like people, pets have needs—ones that, oddly enough, seem to echo their owners’. From organic, locally grown food to full-on spa treatments, East Bay animal lovers can find whatever it takes to keep a furry (or feathery or scaly) friend as happy as a clam.  
 By Mike Rosen-Molina.

FIRST PERSON |  Kindling Kindness
A local martial arts teacher takes a unique approach to bullying. The key, she says, is an abiding respect for the principle of “monkey-see, monkey-do.”     By Louise Rafkin.

The Kilduff File |  Tom Meyer
Syndicated political cartoonist Tom Meyer says he just can’t stand to see “idiots” in office. Lucky for his legion fans, the Berkeley-based humorist has a knack for making hay out of what he hates.  
By Paul Kilduff.

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