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Cover | Katie McKeen

Trailmix (mixed media, 2010). Piedmont High School senior Katie McKeen blended images of the beach in Carmel, Utah’s Zion National Park, and a Yosemite waterfall in her first-place drawing, “Trailmix,” in The Monthly’s 10th annual Student Cover Art Contest. She will be the last student cover artist representing the fine teaching of Piedmont High’s beloved Helen Brainerd, who retired in June. Brainerd’s students have been frequent winners of the contest. For more about the second- and third-place winners, as well as Brainerd, click here.

For our December Essay Issue
The Monthly is now accepting short essays (900 words maximum) for possible publication in our December issue. The theme:
Crossing a Line
Rachel Trachten, a Berkeley reader and frequent Monthly contributor, will receive a vintage cover print from our archives for supplying this provocative topic.
To submit, paste the essay into your email to and attach as a Word document (“.doc”, not “.docx” file). Please include your name, email address, and phone number on every page. Deadline: Monday, Oct. 18.



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September 2010 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Single Sex Solution
This September, the brand-new East Bay School for Boys’ inaugural sixth-grade class, 18 boys in all, will test-drive the latest—and oldest—model of education. Echoing a nationwide trend toward single-sex schools, the new private middle school in Berkeley—inspired partly by faculty and board members at Oakland’s Julia Morgan School for Girls—asks parents and teachers to consider teaching girls and boys separately. Monthly co-editor Sarah Weld, a former education reporter, takes a hard look at this recent twist.  By Sarah Weld.

Shopping Around |  Rock to Rachmaninoff
Whether your child plays bass, sings soprano, or aspires to be the next Frank Zappa, there’s an East Bay after-school music program designed to nurture his or her fledgling talent. Check out the distinctly different vibe of making music—and finding a niche that fits—after the dismissal bell rings.  By Kate Madden Yee.

Student Cover Art Contest
The Monthly’s 10th annual Student Cover Art Contest winners and a profile of recently retired Piedmont High School art teacher Helen Brainerd.

UP FRONT |  Two Flutes, One Melody
Forty-plus school-age kids make up the musical group known as Los Mapaches—a multicultural performing ensemble founded by Berkeley music teacher Lydia Mills. Singing, dancing, and playing indigenous Latin American instruments, the group performs at venues like Berkeley’s La Peña and San Francisco’s annual Carnaval. By Rachel Trachten.

BY THE BOOK |  Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery
This month we bring you the suspenseful conclusion to Chapter One of Power Slide by prolific local author Susan Dunlap. If you missed last month’s setup, never fear—it’s available in our August issue right here at

The Kilduff File |  Annie Leonard
Media babe Annie Leonard just may run for governor—or world’s most upbeat environmentalist—someday. Meanwhile, the Berkeley-based, nationally acclaimed founder of The Story of Stuff Project weighs in on sharing cars, what makes humans happy, and whether it’s ever okay to shop at Target.  By Paul Kilduff

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