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Cover | Anthony Holdsworth

At the Bus Stop (oil on canvas, 21 x 13 inches, 1999). Anthony Holdsworth painted this image of the Fox Theater from a vantage point in front of the now-defunct Oakland Art [dot] Com Gallery, the Uptown district’s first artist-run exhibition space and print shop (it was established in 1998 by Randolph Belle, current executive director of Support Oakland Artists). “I generally work on location in the city,” Holdsworth writes on his website, “Dispatches from the Street.” “The urban landscape is an accurate and disquieting testament to our common condition.” Holdsworth isn’t the only artistic Oaklander in the family—great-nephew Camilo Landau performs with the self-described Latin-surf-funk band, Carne Cruda. To check out tunes from the group’s new album, Oakland’s Tight, head Uptown to the Era Art Bar at 19 Grand Ave. on Friday, Aug. 6, from 7 to 10 p.m. For more information about Holdsworth’s paintings and art classes in Oakland, Italy, and Mexico:

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August 2010 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Going Uptown?
Oakland’s Uptown district is booming, drawing new residents, arts lovers, foodies, and fun-seekers as the once downtrodden area undergoes a fast renaissance. Recently, Uptown has welcomed the reopened Fox Theater—now home to the Oakland School for the Arts—the UpTown Apartments, Piedmont Piano Company’s new digs, and hot restaurants like Flora, Luka’s Taproom, Hibiscus, and Bakesale Betty’s. Despite Oakland’s grim reputation—which many locals think is undeserved—this could be the revival the city has long awaited. By By Maggie Fazeli Fard

BY THE BOOK |  Power Slide: A Darcy Lott Mystery
This month, we launch By the Book, an occasional excerpt series, with this suspenseful snippet from Chapter One of Power Slide by Albany author Susan Dunlap. Read with (and for) pleasure—then tune in next month for the second installment from Dunlap’s spine-tingler, available right here in The Monthly.

EAST BAY LIFE |  The Hard Work of Play
Fourteen years ago, Jill Vialet of Oakland started Playworks to teach youngsters how to interact and develop socially through play. Today, teams of coaches from the Oakland-based nonprofit fan out to low-income schools across the East Bay to help kids get recess right.   By Emily Wilson

Shopping Around |  Inside Out
Meet a handful of local alchemists who, right this very minute, are concocting attractively packaged, toxin-free beauty products to clear your skin, put roses in your cheeks, and make you smell irresistible.  By Christine Schoefer

Shop Talk |  Neighborhood Shops & Such
Making art and exploring the psyche merge in life coach Eva Ruland’s SoulCollage® workshops, offered in an artists’ studio in Berkeley. Convert, in Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district, caters to folks who are fond of fashion and the environment. Wooden Window in Oakland is all about restoring old-fashioned doors and windows to their former glory. From sports bras to silver charms, Berkeley’s 21-year-old Title Nine (now in a new Fourth Street location) specializes in outfitting female athletes. By Andrea Pflaumer and The Monthly’s editors

The Kilduff File |  John Robbins
Like father, like son? Not in the case of Robbins, a leading guru of the minimalist movement, and his now-deceased dad, the Baskin-Robbins ice cream king.  By Paul Kilduff

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a look at this month’s issue and commentary on life in the East Bay

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