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Cover | Russ Greene

Nature’s Fireworks (photographs shot using photo stacking, 2010). Russ Greene, who has been involved with photography for over 40 years, is officially retired but still enjoys shooting and making fine art imagery. His close-up flower photos involve a new digital technique called photo stacking which provides virtually unlimited depth of field. For information about purchasing prints and one-on-one lessons on photographing flowers, contact Greene at (510) 540-7044.

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July 2010 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  You Call This Funny?
In the ’60s, they were known as “underground” cartoonists. Today, the preferred adjective is “independent.” But from the heady heyday of artists like Robert Crumb, Trina Robbins, and Gilbert Shelton, to today’s avant-garde graphic novelists and mini-comics creators, the Bay Area has always been a magnet for those who sketch on the wild side. By Mike Rosen-Molina

IN FARO’S GARDEN | | How It Starts
The tomato—that sleek, shiny, brilliant gem of the warm-weather garden—was once known as the love apple. The name might still be apt.  By R.E. Faro

Shopping Around |  Elemental, My Dear Watson
Summertime, and the living is easy—not to mention mostly rain-free. That means it’s the ideal time of year to prepare your home for a warm, leak-proof winter. Ready, set, weatherize!   By Tim Kingston. 

The Kilduff File |  David Gans
Oakland radio host David Gans isn’t just any Grateful Dead fan—he collaborated with the big-name Bay Area band on many projects. This month, Gans, who’s also released a CD of his own, reminisces fondly about the storied Jerry era.  By Paul Kilduff

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Editor’s Note:
a look at this month’s issue and commentary on life in the East Bay

Letters: reader responses to The Monthly’s stories
Be East Bay: an introduction to interesting people, places and events in your community

Critics Choice: highlights of this month’s happenings in art, theater, film, dance and music

Boutique Bazaar: distinctive small shops in the East Bay

Food for Thought: local caterers and food and wine purveyors

Dining Guide: a selection of East Bay restaurants

Marketplace Home: a catalog of services for your home and garden

Marketplace Services: a catalog of personal and creative services

Kartoon Korner: editorial cartoons to entertain and agitate

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