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Cover | Jeremy Sutton

Moment in Time (2004, pigment ink and acrylic on canvas, 38”x 47”). Artist Jeremy Sutton explains: “This painting was inspired by the passion and connection of professional Argentine Tango dancers Christy Coté and Darren Lees. The title references a fleeting moment in their dance when time seemed to stand still and they were completely connected as one.” Sutton is an internationally recognized pioneer, speaker, instructor, and author in the field of combining digital and traditional art media and techniques. Moment in Time and other works are available for purchase and will be featured at a special monthly artist reception on Thursday, March 25, 6-9 p.m., at Sutton Studios & Gallery in San Francisco. RSVP: or (415) 641-1221. For more info, see



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February 2010 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Hunters and Geo-Gatherers
Geocaching—the worldwide, free-for-all treasure hunting game—was, until just a few years ago, the province of geography department geeks at universities like Cal and Stanford. Today, though, the addictive hobby, which combines the appeal of a high-tech toy (the GPS device used to track stashes of cheap trinkets) with old-fashioned outdoor romps, counts hundreds of East Bay adults and children among its fans. But serious practitioners—including the Alamo man ranked as the number one geocacher in the world—are feeling the effects of the pursuit’s burgeoning popularity. By Mike Rosen-Molina.

Up Front | Lessons from a Lionhearted Past
Veteran East Bay filmmakers Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith teamed up to create The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, opening in theaters nationwide this month. The pair shares a deep admiration for Ellsberg (a longtime Kensington resident), the former Marine and conservative think tank analyst who blew the whistle on government cover-ups during the Vietnam era. But they didn’t always agree about the best way to convey Ellsberg’s story—which is still strikingly relevant today—in this already-acclaimed documentary.  By Michael Fox.  

IN FARO’S GARDEN |  Reasons for Optimism
Apocalypse now—or later? The gardener battles the annual oxalis resurgence, ponders gloomy messages of great literature, and comes to some surprising conclusions.  By R.E. Faro

Shopping Around |  Sweet Surrender
This Valentine’s Day, a host of superb local chocolatiers offers scrumptious ways to say “I love you” without breaking the bank. Whether it’s creamy truffles, exotic bars, avant-garde bonbons spiked with tequila, or perhaps an edible Venus of Willendorf you’re after, an East Bay confectioner is standing by to fill the bill. By Anna Mindess. 

Shop Talk | Neighborhood Shops & Such
Quake Busters, a 27-year-old Oakland company owned by retrofitting expert Jerome Lenoir, specializes in smart, affordable strategies to shake-proof your home’s foundation. Mrs. Dalloway’s Literary & Garden Arts on College Avenue in Berkeley offers contemporary books, old-fashioned gardening supplies, and civilized browsing. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) in Berkeley hosts university-quality classes for lovers of learning who just happen to be 50 and over. Newly opened Books Inc. on 4th Street in Berkeley keeps eager readers current with a range of hardback, paper, and digital tomes.

The Kilduff File |  Jeannine Kaiser
Jeannine Kaiser, author of the new self-help guide Cupid’s Playbook, drew the line at kissing frogs. The Danville certified relationship counselor did, however, systematically date—and discard—100 eligible gents before settling on a prince. This month, Kaiser reveals the route to romantic success (hint: a woman should never, ever, overtly pursue a man).  By Paul Kilduff

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