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Cover | Jessel Miller

Detail from Napa River (watercolor). Tucked into the eastern hills of the Napa Valley, Jessel Miller’s 25-year-old Jessel Gallery represents some of the finest landscape artists in the area. Jessel, who had her first major show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, has written and illustrated six books for children and adults. View more of her work at her website,, or by visiting her 12,000-square-foot gallery at 1019 Atlas Peak Road, Napa. To contact Miller: (707) 257-2350.


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2009 Issue:

Table of Contents

|  Happily Ever After
Aging is inevitable, but it can be less angst-ridden in the right environment. Through interviews with local seniors, their family members, and eldercare professionals, we explore residential options in the East Bay for the 65-and-up set. Along the way, we also examine the issue of what a “good” old age is. For anyone caring for an aging relative, or planning ahead for their own post-retirement years, this is indispensable information.  By Yoko Yoshikawa

UP FRONT |  Senior Stories
Oral historian Nancy Thompson recently gathered a dozen seniors from the North Oakland Senior Center to talk about their roles in history. These unsung heroes include Burl Smith, an accidental civil rights fighter; Angela McLinn, arrested à la Rosa Parks for refusing to sit at the back of a bus; and Dorothy Eng, who founded Oakland’s Chinese Young Women’s Society and helped fund college educations for Chinese-American women.   By Rachel Trachten

IN GOOD HEALTH  |  Clear Reflections
Although we associate acne with adolescents, the condition also afflicts the skin—and the self-esteem—of adults, including those in the throes of middle age. Our health columnist surveys a range of local treatment options, from conventional to naturopathic, and passes on tips for nipping those nasty red bumps in the bud. By Noelle Robbins

Regular physical exercise, we know, keeps us strong, protects against injury, lifts depression, and wards off disease. Also, of course, it keeps us cute (or at least capable of fitting into our clothes). Find out how local seniors stay fit with regimens that include elder-friendly gyms, circuit programs, yoga and chi gong classes, tango lessons, and more.   By Mike Rosen-Molina

Shop Talk |  Neighborhood Shops & Such
Oakland’s Pan Theater offers comedy improv classes for would-be stars, and good times for all. Albert & Eve Organics delivers farm-fresh fruits and veggies to your doorstep. Bohemian Nefeli Caffe, located near the U.C. Berkeley campus, hosts literary events left and right. Remember Bo Derek? Berkeley’s Lounge Nail Spa revives the “perfect 10.” Shop Talk alternates monthly with Bay Tripping. By Risa Nye, and Autumn Stephens

The Kilduff File |  Hugh Groman
Berkeley caterer Hugh Groman, a regular on ABC-7’s “A View from the Bay” who makes a mean cornbread stuffing, shares his favorite ways to spread Turkey (or Tofu) Day cheer while minimizing cooking crises and social stress.  By Paul Kilduff

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