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Cover | Elena Zolotnitsky

Renaissance Boy (after Pinturicchio) (oil and gold leaf on paper). An homage to Bernardino Pinturicchio, one of the famous artists of the Renaissance, Renaissance Boy will be on display at The Club Gallery at The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley as part of an upcoming exhibit of Elena Zolotnitsky’s recent paintings. The Russian-born artist, a recepient of numerous awards, lives and paints in Berkeley. The show, where all works are for sale, runs Sept. 1 through Oct. 31. To RSVP for the opening reception Sept. 8, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., contact Katy Yong at (510) 549-8512. For more information visit



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2009 Issue:

Table of Contents

|  Fostering the Future
Each year in California, about 5,000 foster children turn 18, and are summarily booted out of the system. Done, finis, sayonara—they’re on their own, in many cases with no further financial or emotional support from those who have fostered them. Few go on to college; as many as 44 percent wind up homeless for some period of time. But here in the East Bay, a burgeoning former-foster movement has government agencies, nonprofits, peer groups, and even U.C. Berkeley working to make the transition to independence less abrupt for these at-risk young people, and an 18th birthday something to celebrate rather than fear.  By Mike Rosen-Molina.

UP FRONT |  Youthful Composure
You might want to read this piece to the accompaniment of a double trumpet fanfare. Gifted Berkeley composers and musicians Dylan Mattingly and Preben Antonsen are off to East Coast colleges this fall, leaving many an awed local audience, music teacher, and even celebrity composer John Adams gaping after them. The once-competitive colleagues discuss their musical roots, their friendship, and why they’re so crazy about classical.  By Jason Victor Serinus.

BAY TRIPPING |  Half Moon Bay
The East Bay is just a short hop—a day trip—away from some of the world’s most scenic and interesting streets, neighborhoods, and small towns. Bay Tripping brings you the flavor of a nifty neighborhood—or sometimes just one cool street—by peeking into shops, restaurants, parks, bookstores, and more. This month, our Bay trip takes us to Half Moon Bay. By Anna Mindess
Bay Tripping alternates monthly with Shop Talk.

SHOPPING AROUND |  Show Me the Money
In today’s turbulent economy, we’re all in the dark about how to deal with our finances (what’s left of them, anyway). But hooking up with a qualified financial planner can help almost everyone—rich and not-so-rich—make the most of their bucks, and their future. Our reporter checks in with local financial planners and clients, and shares their wise, occasionally surprising counsel with us all.   By Julia Park Tracey

The Kilduff File |  Seth Harwood
Crime novelist Seth Harwood gives his work away on the Internet—a strategy that has landed him a strong audience for his serialized fiction, and not unrelatedly, a real-life book deal. (Apparently people really will buy the cow, even if they can get the milk for free.) This month, the Boston transplant talks turkey about the pleasures of hot tubbing, convertible driving, and penning (not to mention podcasting) noir novels.  By Paul Kilduff
Beginning in September, hear a regular podcast of The Kilduff File at


Editor’s Note


Be East Bay: Go, Meet, Shift, Create, Read
A short section of cool things to try, hot things to read and interesting people to meet in the East Bay.

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