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Cover | Tim Mooney

Silent Cry (acrylic). This month’s cover is artist Tim Mooney’s protest against the selling of young women into the sex industry, rape as a tactic of war, the denial of basic human rights to many women around the world, and the female body as a locus for political control, ideological disputes, and personal hopes. As a fine artist, Mooney hopes his and other artists’ work can meld beauty with justice. As a pastor, he hopes the church will add its voice to those calling for the protection of women and not turn a deaf ear to the most vulnerable. Mooney recently moved to Denver, where he spends half his time in his new studio and the other half leading Peoples Presbyterian Church, a historic African-American congregation. See his eclectic range of layered landscapes, abstracts, abscapes (abstracted landscapes), and figurative works at or at 4th Street Studio, 1717D Fourth St., Berkeley;



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2009 Issue:

Table of Contents

|  Shades of Summer
The evocative sound of “summer” means different things to different people, from sticky county fairs to lazy afternoons by a lake to fog-filled coastal mornings. In our annual summer essay issue, seven East Bay writers offer work inspired by our “31 Flavors” prompt. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, curl up in an easy chair, and let yourself relax into the sensual details of the season—not just the flavors, but the sights, sounds, and smells…and the way it gets under your skin.  

A Wedding Sampler | by Judy Bebelaar

A Different Light
| by Cynthia Overbeck Bix

Taste Summer | by Joyce Thompson

The Water’s Fine
| by Rachel Trachten

Finer Than Frog Hair | by Wichita Sims

Coloring in the Details | by Joanne Catz Hartman

Flavor of the Moment
| by Nancy McKay

IN GOOD HEALTH |  Burden of Billions
Two’s company, but 6.8 billion’s a crowd. Enough already, say two renowned U.C. Berkeley researchers who are reviving a controversial crusade to stem population growth. The movement is more important now than ever, say Drs. Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell, for the future health of our planet. But it’s key, they believe, that women are given the option (not the mandate) to choose smaller families.  By Noelle Robbins. 

Shop Talk   |  Neighborhood Shops & Such
This month’s Shop Talk offers the latest on local shops, getaways, and services: Manifesto Bicycles; Diesel, a Bookstore; Balloons Above the Valley; and Playland-Not-At-The-Beach Museum of Fun. Shop Talk alternates monthly with Bay Tripping.  By Gina Gotsill, Risa Nye, and Susan Sanford.

SHOPPING AROUND |  Let the Sun Shine In
The Bay Area’s plentiful sunshine is a solar gold mine for homeowners looking to cut electrical costs and benefit the environment. We show you step-by-step how to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency, decide which solar options are best for you, and install sun-harnessing devices ranging from panels to heaters to pool-heating systems. Oh, yes, we also talk dollars and cents.   By Gina Gotsill.

The Kilduff File |  Dacher Keltner
We kid you not: teasing, once the capital offense of the schoolyard, is no longer a giant no-no. Cal prof Dacher Keltner has done the (rather fascinating) research, and he’s betting his bottom dollar that learning how to dish out—and deal with—a little friendly ribbing is “the playground of moral education.” By Paul Kilduff


Editor’s Note


Be East Bay: Go, Meet, Shift, Create, Read
A short section of cool things to try, hot things to read and interesting people to meet in the East Bay.

Critic’s Choice

Shop Talk

Boutique Bazaar

Food for Thought

Dining Guide

Marketplace: Home & Garden

Marketplace: Personal & Creative Services

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