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Cover | John Mattos

Preliminary sketch for Crissy Field (digital drawing). This month’s cover by San Francisco artist John Mattos was a candidate for a poster commemorating San Francisco’s Crissy Field’s 100-year anniversary. (Posters selected by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy are available for purchase at the Warming Hut at Crissy Field, at the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge.) Mattos also designed a 44-cent stamp released by the U.S. Postal Service on May 14, honoring the racehorse, Seabiscuit.
Last year, Mattos created six images for the 50-year anniversary of the Vulcao de Capelinhos, a volcanic eruption in the Azores. He is currently working on  a project commemorating the Tennessee Valley Authority in the southeastern United States. See his work at



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2009 Issue:

Table of Contents

|  It’s Not About the Food
Early humans didn’t wonder what motivated them to munch. Survival was the name of the game. Now that food is easier to find, though, many of us end up noshing around the clock—with predictable results. But an emerging mindful eating movement in the East Bay just may help revive the lost art of dining due to hunger, and reveling in every bite. Local resources include dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists, and the My Weigh center opening this month in Jack London Square.  By Katherine Dittmann

UP FRONT |  Dynamic Diva
Husky-voiced Faye Carol, whom some consider the best musical entertainer on the West Coast, has been lighting up East Bay stages since the Sixties. Her latest album, Faye Sings Lady Day, was recorded live at Yoshi’s last year. Our reporter takes a look at Carol’s Pittsburg roots, influences that shaped her sound, and why she’s dedicated to mentoring children through her Music in the Community program at Oakland’s Black Repertory Group. By Andrew Gilbert

EAST BAY LIFE |   Family Values
At 68, East Bay activist Barbara Lubin is still in the game, fighting to bring food, medical supplies, and more to children and families in war-torn zones through her nonprofit Middle East Children’s Alliance. For decades, she’s also been raising heck at home, scrapping to save Ozzie’s beloved soda fountain in the Elmwood, pressing Berkeley public schools to admit her special needs son, and taking life lessons from rebel poet Allen Ginsberg.  
By Micky Duxbury

FIRST PERSON |  A Thousand Meters
A rowing novice tries a class on Lake Merritt—and is overtaken by her own competitive spirit. 
By Jennifer Eyre White

The East Bay is just a short hop—a day trip—away from some of the world’s most scenic and interesting streets, neighborhoods, and small towns. Bay Tripping brings you the flavor of a nifty neighborhood—or sometimes just one cool street—by peeking into shops, restaurants, parks, bookstores, and more. This month, our Bay trip takes us to Benicia.  By Anna Mindess
Bay Tripping alternates monthly with Shop Talk.

SHOPPING AROUND |  Something’s Afoot
Feet, the body’s unheralded support system, don’t always get their due. But with just a bit of effort, you can stop foot trouble in its tracks, and make a fashion statement at the same time. Frequent contributor Rachel Trachten tells you how, why, and where in the East Bay to tend to your tootsies’ every need.  By Rachel Trachten

The Kilduff File |  Rebecca Nile
When it comes to blowing bubbles, birthday party veteran Rebecca Nile’s got the goods, from home recipes for the strongest and stretchiest to the secret of the bubble slide. By Paul Kilduff


Editor’s Note


Be East Bay: Go, Meet, Shift, Create, Read
A short section of cool things to try, hot things to read and interesting people to meet in the East Bay.

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