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Cover | Susan Sanford

Flower-Breathing Dragon (digital illustration). East Bay illustrator and sculptor Susan Sanford seeks to manifest the quirky and unexpected on her daily blog, where visitors and their comments are welcome. There you will find mythical beasts, illustrated poetry (with a strong leaning towards Wallace Stevens), a collage version of The Odyssey, doggerel composed to go with her own illustrations, Alice in Wonderland run through a Tarantino lens, and links to sites (sights!) she thinks are wonderful. Coming shortly: a link to her new blog showcasing dramatic works by Shakespeare and others as performed by a cast of miniature china (not Chinese) actors.



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April 2009 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Fantasy Is No Mirage
Despite a shrinking music industry, the rising popularity of home-recording software, and higher rents, Fantasy Studios—Berkeley’s vibrant music recording studio on 10th and Parker—is alive and well. Musicians of all kinds are flocking to the studio for professional recording sessions they cannot replicate on their own. And Fantasy’s studios are filled with more than just musicians these days. Students from Berkeley and Oakland schools, start-up bands, documentary filmmakers, and even public radio folks are turning to Fantasy experts to produce their best possible sound.  By Andrew Gilbert

IN FARO’S GARDEN | Stimulating Effects
Doing his part to boost the economy, the gardener buys some violas to plant in a pot with special meaning. Along the way, he confronts an internal landscape ripe for replanting, as well a deep-seated need to salvage the broken and honor the dead.  By R.E. Faro

IN GOOD HEALTH | Dream, Perchance, of Sleep
We all know that insomnia makes you grumpy—and, it turns out, it can also contribute to ill health. Fortunately, our East Bay sleep experts are willing to share their spot-on tips for banishing the demon in the bedroom without resorting to pills.  By Noelle Robbins

BAY TRIPPING | Calistoga
The East Bay is just a short hop—a day trip—away from some of the world’s most scenic and interesting streets, neighborhoods, and small towns. Our new Bay Tripping feature brings you the flavor of a nifty neighborhood—or sometimes just one cool street—by peeking into shops, restaurants, parks, bookstores, and more. This month, our Bay trip takes us to lovely and soothing Calistoga. Bay Tripping alternates monthly with Shop Talk. By Anna Mindess

The Kilduff File |  Chuck Siegel
Is chocolate a cure for depression—or Depression? Emeryville entrepreneur Chuck Siegel, founder of Charles Chocolates, topples a myth or two about everybody’s favorite indulgence, puts food snobs in their place, and weighs in on the great milk-versus-dark debate. By Paul Kilduff



Editor’s Note


Be East Bay: Go, Meet, Shift, Create, Read
A short section of cool things to try, hot things to read and interesting people to meet in the East Bay.

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