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Cover | Father Poulin

Autumn Glory (acrylic on canvas). Father Poulin is a Camaldolese monk and artist who lives at Incarnation Monastery in Berkeley. In a style he calls “contemplative,” Poulin builds his landscapes on black canvases, applying up to 25 layers of black gesso before outlining his drawings in white chalk. He then adds layer after layer of color, first with broad strokes, then with ever-smaller brushes. “While I was painting Autumn Glory it became both a Jewish and Christian symbol for me: the burning bush of Moses and an incarnational image of the Trinity,” explains Poulin. “In both cases, the leaves and branches of this mysterious, sacred tree become like flames radiating divine energy, light and life.” For information about Poulin’s original paintings, contact the artist at (510) 845-0601. His work is on exhibit Oct. 4 through Nov. 4 at the I. Wolk Gallery in St. Helena, Napa Valley, (707) 963-8800;



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October 2008 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Lawfully Wedded Limbo
Same-sex couples in California have experienced a rocky road to marriage equality. You’re legal. You’re not. You’re legal. You’re not . . . Now California’s Proposition 8 could nullify the landmark court decision in May that gave California’s same-sex couples the right to marry. With that vote looming, we tell the love and marriage stories of three East Bay couples who explain how they deal with the political tussle that affects their personal lives.  By Eve Kushner 

IN GOOD HEALTH | Breast Matters
The female breast goes through many changes from childhood to old age and is challenged by the risk of breast cancer. One in seven women will be diagnosed with the disease. Our health writer explores the latest studies and what they say about the care of breasts through a lifetime. By Noelle Robbins
Plus, four women associated with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center’s “Cancer in Other Words” share something of their struggle with breast cancer. The pieces are edited by Autumn Stephens, writer, editor and facilitator of the Alta Bates Summit writing program.

IN FARO’S GARDEN |  When the Sun Shines
We meet the gardener in his childhood home in Kansas where a storm is brewing and his dad is sprinkling holy water, just in case. Back in the Bay Area, he finds some peace with the opossums and employs the fruits of his midwestern childhood.    By R.E. Faro

Shop Talk  |  will return next month

Shopping Around  |  A Good Year for Vintage
Recycled clothing may be a way to go green while upping your cool factor. Our writer finds a surprising number of local vintage boutiques and explores why vintage is hotter than ever. Also find descriptions of East Bay consignment shops that may be less retro but equally fun. With the economy on the ropes, this may be your best consumer therapy guide.   By Anna Mindess 

The Kilduff File |  Loni Hancock
Loni Hancock came through a nasty election against Wilma Chan to be the Democratic nominee and presumptive winner of Don Perata’s Senate seat. Hear what’s on her political plate.  By Paul Kilduff

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Editor’s Note:
a look at this month’s issue and commentary on life in the East Bay

Letters: reader responses to The Monthly’s stories
Be East Bay: an introduction to interesting people, places and events in your community

Critics Choice: highlights of this month’s happenings in art, theater, film, dance and music

Boutique Bazaar: distinctive small shops in the East Bay

Food for Thought: local caterers and food and wine purveyors

Dining Guide: a selection of East Bay restaurants

Marketplace Home: a catalog of services for your home and garden

Marketplace Services: a catalog of personal and creative services

Kartoon Korner: editorial cartoons to entertain and agitate

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