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Cover | Valentin Popov

Strong Sun (2006-2008, oil on canvas). Valentin Popov’s work is found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the New York Public Library, as well as other museums and private collections around the world. Popov, who was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, has shown his work at the National Museum of Ukranian Art in Kiev, the first time a Western-based Ukranian artist has shown at that museum while still living. “Valentin Popov’s art makes us wonder at the dark currents running through the phantom museum of human experience,” says Barnaby Conrad III, an art historian, collector and curator. “At times his paintings seem filled with laughter, pain, mysticism and fevered memory—a phrase that might well describe the Soviet Union that he grew up in during the late 20th century.” Then and Now, a major monograph by the artist with essays by Conrad and Robert Flynn Johnson has just been published. Modernism hosts a reception and book signing on Wednesday, July 9, 5:30-8 p.m. at the Modernism gallery, 685 Market Street, San Francisco. For more information: or (415) 541-0461.



student cover contestJuly 2008 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Emeryville Unplugged
From bordellos to biotech, the city squeezed between powerhouse neighbors has made its way by adapting to the times. Once a haven for industry that created toxic “brownfields” and a place where politicians brokered backroom deals, Emeryville has cleaned up its environment, politics and image. Even the public schools, once taken over by the state, are emerging as centers of the community. But will the city’s success push out pioneering businesses, like Semifreddi’s, that can’t pay high-priced rents?    By Mike Rosen-Molina

IN FARO’S GARDEN   |   Some Good Things
A chance meeting with his ex in the Berkeley Bowl sets the gardener up for some emotional wrangling. When he learns his neighbor Rita has a beehive in her garden, he fears he could get stung—then again, the bees just might help cultivate more succulent fruit.  By R.E. Faro

Shopping Around  |  To Market, To Market
The explosion of East Bay farmers’ markets—in spite of impending recession and inflation—demonstrates the area’s commitment to local, sustainable and well, tasty, fruits and vegetables. And it shows that people just like to have fun at their neighborhood farmers’ market.  By Rachel Trachten 

Shop Talk  |  Four inviting shops in your neighborhood
The Berkeley Hat Company offers an sprawling selection of hats—from fedoras to berets to jester caps for Fido—on College Avenue in Berkeley.
Discount Fabrics on Ashby Avenue is the go-to store for upstart seamstresses and Burning Man stalwarts who need Day-Glo vests.
The Urban Farmer Store in Richmond can help you feel a little less guity about your gardening habit in times of drought by helping you with an eco-friendly drip irrigation system. may be the virtual place to go for quality, affordable vino, but locals can get the real deal by walking into the actual store, located in Berkeley.

The Kilduff File |  Ryan Nerz
On this Fourth of July, a spokesman for professional eating explains why this American tradition is athletic and not just gross.  By Paul Kilduff

Check back after July 15th to find the following story online:

ARCHITEXTURE   |   Miss Morgan Made Waves
Among Julia Morgan’s many talents was an ability to design stunning swimming pools. We take an architectural plunge into her pools at Hearst Gymnasium on the U.C. Berkeley campus and at the Berkeley City Club—both designed for women only.   By Lauri Puchall.

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