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Cover | David Lance Goines

Year of the Rat (2008, solid-color blockprint, printed by letterpress in an edition of 350). David Lance Goines was born in 1945 in Grants Pass, Oregon, and has lived and worked in Berkeley as a printer and graphic designer since 1965. He has designed and printed 218 posters for local, national and international businesses, as well as graphic work for many private clients. His work is visible online at His most recent show was held at the Hillside Club in Berkeley. He is a 17-gallon blood donor.



April 2008 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Closing the Gap
Standardized test scores continually reveal an achievement gap that has white and Asian students performing better than their Latino and African-American counterparts, regardless of economics. Are black and Latino students being well-served in our public schools? Many East Bay parents and educators say “no” and are coming up with solutions, many of which begin with a frank discussion about race.  By Sarah Weld

UP FRONT   |   Book Artistry
Bucking the faster-than-you-can-think technology that permeates our personal and professional lives, are letterpress printers who take it slow—very slow. An epicenter of letterpress printing since the Sixties, the East Bay is alive with book artists whose philosophies match their practice. (A limited-edition David Lance Goines’ blockprint graces The Monthly’s cover this month. See description below.)  By Ralph Dranow

IN GOOD HEALTH  |   Skin Deep
Cosmetics and creams don’t just sit on your skin. They sink into your body, toxins and all. Our health writer checks in with makeup watchdog Stacy Malkan, warns us about the worst (and most common) chemicals and talks natural beauty.  By Noelle Robbins

Shopping Around  |  How Green is Your Garden?
Concerns about the scarcity of water and desires to be truly green, are spurring East Bay gardeners to “go xeric.” These dry gardens aren’t boring beds of cacti anymore. Here’s a guide to why, how and where to begin planting your dry, native garden. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File |  Rachel Siegel
Professional organizer Rachel Siegel tells us to take it one step at a time: don’t feel guilty about the junk drawer in the kitchen. But go ahead. Dump it out.  By Paul Kilduff


Editor’s Note


Be East Bay: Go, Meet, Shift, Create, Read
A short section of cool things to try, hot things to read and interesting people to meet in the East Bay.

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