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Cover | Gail Machlis

Rehearsal (watercolor and ink) is the work of Berkeley-based illustrator, cartoonist and children’s book writer Gail Machlis. Machlis and her sister, Joan, are partners in Art Alchemy, which offers illustration services, prints and other distinctive “Machlis” products. Machlis says Rehearsal was, in part, inspired by another of  her  artistic endeavors—teaching violin to children and adults. View her original paintings and greeting cards at Fourth Street Studio in Berkeley and at State of the Arts Gallery in Olympia, Washington. Her latest book, How to Fly, can be seen and heard at Contact Machlis at



February 2008 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Pedal Power
If it’s good enough for Paris, why not the Bay? The concept is bike-sharing and like most other progressive ideas, it’s now on the table in San Francisco and may be headed for consideration in the East Bay. If shared bikes could be found on every main street and rented for a nominal fee, perhaps the no-carbon option could ease congestion and make public transit more viable—and maybe more fun.  By Eve Kushner

ARCHITEXTURE   |   Medieval Modern
Christ the Light Cathedral is only a few months away from opening its downtown Oakland doors to parishioners and tourists alike who want to check out the cutting-edge architecture that employs some old-world touches—like crypts—and some modern twists—like a computer-generated image of Christ.  By Lauri Puchall

EAST BAY LIFE   |   Will Work for Meaning
As the very first baby boomers begin collecting Social Security benefits, others in that generation are looking to start again with a new career that has social, political or just personal significance. East Bay author Marc Freedman calls them “encore careers” and says this may be the way the boomers save the world.  By Nancy Donovan

Shopping Around  |  Old, New, Borrowed, Green?
As if weddings weren’t stressful enough, now add the desire to go green. Brides and grooms in the midst of planning their bash are considering organic cakes, re-usable gowns, pesticide-free flowers, recycled gold, vegan nail salons and even eco-fetti. By Rachel Trachten

The Kilduff File |  Jill Kelleher
Renowned matchmaker Jill Kelleher says why wait? Pony up and find the love of your life.  By Paul Kilduff


Editor’s Note

Be East Bay: Read, Listen, Woo, Go, Help

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Shop Talk [will come again in March]

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