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Cover | Elizabeth Addison

Q & Z (monoprint). Elizabeth Addison is an award-winning printmaker and installation artist. Her monoprints involve layers of meanings with the use of depth and complexity masquerading as something much simpler, incorporating imprints of everyday objects (keys, birth control dials, coins) and textures. Q & Z is from Addison’s dancing couples series. The couples in their carriage contain strong emotional content, and negative space is as important as positive. Addison’s prints are regularly featured at Kiss My Ring, 2514 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley. Visit her printmaking studio, Studio 1509, during East Bay Open Studios June 2, 3, 9 and 10, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Studio 1509 is located at 1509 San Pablo Ave. (at Cedar) in Berkeley. For more information, e-mail or visit


June 2007 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Fire in the Belly
Whether they perform or not, belly dancers frequently claim that the art has changed their lives. Our feature illuminates the sensual passion and sense of empowerment that makes the distinction between “shakin’ it” for men and feeding a woman’s soul.  By Katherine Dittmann

In Faro's Garden  |   Pining for Amateurs
Faro writes about the end of his travels in Japan, and coming home alone to his springtime garden. Is there hope?  By R.E. Faro

East Bay Life |  Eye Witness
A U.C. Berkeley optometry professor has developed a Web-based eye clinic that is helping farm workers and others in low-income communities. By Cynthia Dizikes

Shopping Around  |  All That Glitters
From Dads and grads to new moms and their “push presents,” there seems to be bling for every occasion. Here are some jewelry choices for the thinking shopper. By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File |  Steven Hayward
Paul Kilduff chats with a think-tank conservative who tells us why he isn’t worried about global drowning just yet.  By Paul Kilduff



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