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Cover | Susan Sanford

Moon Garden (computer collage using embroidery, an antique photo, a picture of a bird and a curiously textured book cover). It’s a source of amazement to the artist every year at this time to hear the fierce passion and intent in birdsong.  Another work on this theme can be seen at Susan Sanford’s mosaic sculpture Web site, Her illustration work can be seen inside this Monthly (above and on page 15), on the Berkeley Earth Day poster and at


April 2007 Issue:
Table of Contents

|  Between the Lines
The literacy program at Alameda County’s juvenile hall does more than expose the teen girls to books: it works to remove some of the impediments to literacy and to connect kids with the authors who speak to them. In a place where a pencil is sometimes feared as a weapon, teachers and librarians have turned kids on to the power of the written word. By Katherine Dittmann

Architexture  |   Common Ground
The proposed North Shattuck Plaza, an open space for eating, shopping and socializing in the heart of North Berkeley, is stirring controversy, perhaps more because of the process than the plan. Shopkeepers, neighbors and designers debate parking, panhandling and a vision for the neighborhood. By Lauri Puchall

First Person |  The Way of Kanji
Our essayist finds that the ancient Japanese script called kanji has a calming influence on her. Could the study of these delicate characters be her spiritual path? [The use of kanji in this article necessitates it being available in pdf format only. Click here to download the pdf.] By Eve Kushner

Shopping Around  |  Gifts of Passage
In our multicultural community, people of different faiths or no faith are called upon to celebrate the religious rites of passage of friends and their children. But what do you bring to a bris or a baptism, a bar mitzvah or quinceañera? By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File |  Dr. Mike Lano
Alameda dentist and pro-wrestling whiz and aficionado Dr. Mike gets hardcore in this smackdown interview about the truth and the fakery behind pro wrestling.  By Paul Kilduff



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