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Cover | Seamus Berkeley

Silhouettes, Hangzhou, China, (2007, 5” x 4”, oil painting on canvas). This painting is a piece from his daily painting series which is available at Berkeley uses oils to create portraits, still lifes and landscapes in a representational-impressionistic style. His specialty is commissioned portraits. Visit his studio, number 40 in the Sawtooth Building, at 933 Parker St., Berkeley, CA (beside Studio Rasa) to commission a portrait, to see works in progress or to take a weekend workshop. For more about Berkeley, go to; contact him by phone: (505) 770-0737 or e-mail (And, yes, his family name really is Berkeley!)


March 2007 Issue:
Table of Contents

| Wild Kingdom
Skunks sneaking in the cat doors? Raccoons running amok? Rats in the tot parks? Officials say there are one family of raccoons and one family of skunks for every block in Berkeley. Our reporter talks to homeowners, wildlife experts and even local politicians about what to do, if anything. By Mike Rosen-Molina

Essay  |   A Lion in Winter
The writer recently spotted a mountain lion on her frequent dog-walking trail in Tilden Park. She talks about the mix of reactions and her own emotions about a wild animal in her “backyard,” and draws on recent experiences with friends dying to get a grip on her fears. By Andrea Pflaumer

Up Front | Sound Influences
Berkeley clarinetist Ben Goldberg has been one of the Bay Area’s most influential musicians for more than two decades. His New Klezmer Trio paved the way for John Zorn’s Masada and Don Byron’s klezmer projects, and he is a source of inspiration for many of the most creative musicians on the West Coast. By Andrew Gilbert

East Bay Life | Dribble and Spin
The Golden State Warriors basketball team hasn’t had a playoff bid in more than a decade—not since Don Nelson was coaching the team in the early 1990s. This season, “Nellie” is back. A first-person glimpse at the sportswriter’s world.
By Paul Kilduff

In Faro’s Garden  |  Shedding a Skin
Only two experiences in a tourist’s travels are really worth noting:  moments of wonder, and moments of wondering what the hell you are doing here. Faro takes a close look from afar. By R.E. Faro

Shopping Around  |  Over Your Head
The basic instinct to clear the clutter, sort the junk drawer and purge the papers doesn’t come naturally to everyone. We talk to professional organizers who provide tips and some empathy for people who are lost in their own homes. By Andrea Pflaumer

The Kilduff File | Roger Clark
Oakland’s Roger Clark did a parody of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” in the 1970s. It was a radio hit, but Zeppelin sued and all the records had to be destroyed. Now Clark and his band are back with a new CD.  By Paul Kilduff



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