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Cover | Mark Stock

Max (2006, oil on canvas). Image courtesy of Modernism Inc., San Francisco. Mark Stock’s paintings connect viewers to the euphoria, loneliness and sometimes fatal entanglements of romance. Often melodramatic and tinged with irony, Stock’s images illustrate love’s power to provoke our best—and most illicit—behavior. In Max, we find a young boy reading a heart-shaped note: a Valentine? His parents’ love letters? Evidence of a love affair discovered in the pocket of one of his father’s—or mother’s—coats? The boy’s awkward pose, his literal bringing to light of the surreptitious note, evokes an air of mystery, of curiousity, of discovery, and hint of his own sexual awakening to come. Barnaby Conrad III, author of Mark Stock Paintings, writes, “Stock is an emotional alchemist.” Born in Germany in 1951 where his father was serving in the U.S.  Army, Stock lived the transient childhood of an Army brat and landed in  California in 1976. Stock is represented by Modernism Gallery, 685 Market Street, San Francisco. For further information, call (415) 541-0461 or e-mail


February 2007 Issue:
Table of Contents

Three essayists chronicle their quest for the perfect mate. Does he get his hands dirty? Is his bark worse than his bite? Will he make the hot chocolate the way she likes? Whether he’s callused and tender, strapping and sexy, or well, a dog, he’s found a place in the hearts of these women. 

                  Mr. Right  By Christine Schoefer
                  Room for Three  By Rachel Sarahand
                  Back on the Horse  Jill Koenigsdorf

Real Food | “Noshtalgia” for Pastrami
As Jewish delis decline nationwide, Bay Area delis—including Saul’s in Berkeley and California Street in San Francisco—enjoy a renaissance of natural ingredients and lighter fare.  A deli connoisseur delves into the historical and cultural context of the pastrami sandwich and leaves our mouths watering. By L. John Harris

Shopping Around | Lingerie Epiphany
Today’s lingerie might still tease and titillate, but purveyors of underthings say stockings, slips, bras, panties and nighties are wardrobe foundations that have as much effect on the wearer as the beholder. Our writer sees the lingerie light. By Mary Lee Shalvoy

The Kilduff File | Andi Zeisler
Andi Zeisler, editor of Bitch Magazine, breaks up over The Wedding Singer and breaks down Valentine’s Day for these who think it innocuous. 
By Paul Kilduff




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