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Cover | Mark Stock

The Kiss II (1992, oil on canvas on masonite). From the collection of Bix Restaurant. Image courtesy of Modernism Inc., San Francisco. Mark Stock’s paintings connect viewers to the euphoria, loneliness and sometimes fatal entanglements of romance. Often melodramatic and tinged with irony, Stock’s images illustrate love’s power to provoke our best—and most illicit—behavior. In Mark Stock Paintings (by Barnaby Conrad III), Stock says he was intrigued by a harlequin clown suit that he bought at a costume shop. Soon after, the naughty clowns showed up in his paintings.  “The clown might be seen as an extension of Chaplin,” says Stock. “But of course there’s a great tradition in European painting, from the clowns of Boucher and Watteau to Picasso’s harlequins.” Stock is represented by Modernism Gallery, 685 Market Street, San Francisco. For further information, call (415) 541-0461 or e-mail


December 2006 Issue:
Table of Contents

| The Greater Goods
Companies that value people, the planet and profits—the “triple bottom line”—are flourishing nationwide and emerging as an entirely new sector of the economy. Joining the ranks of Ben & Jerry’s and Odwalla are local companies like Give Something Back, World of Good and Clif Bar that place philanthropy at the heart of their business plan. By Eve Kushner

Up Front | Wassailing in Oakland
The California Revels invokes the storytelling and spirit of the holidays this year by dancing the quadrille that hails from 18th-century France and telling the story of backcountry hunters who make a deal with the devil. By Rita Felciano

In Faro’s Garden  |  Out with the Old
As the front garden evolves from Eisenhower-era stasis to contemporary Mediterranean style, Faro recalls that all flesh is grass. By R.E. Faro

First Person  |  Ask and Receive
With a shattered heart and a need for divination, our writer makes a quest to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where she finds synchronicity and, perhaps, redemption. By Terri Hinte

Shopping Around | Take the Plunge
After you pass that tray of holiday fudge, check out our survey of fitness trends and clubs in the East Bay. Making a move toward mental and physical fitness in the New Year may be kinder and gentler than you imagined. By Kate Madden Yee

The Kilduff File | Michael Lewis
Writer Michael Lewis on his new football tome and life as a Berkeleyite. 
By Paul Kilduff

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